Renewing Mercies…A Little Each Day

Starting over from scratch…sorta

All I Ever Wanted To Be Was A Wife


Our anniversary week always makes me sentimental and a little sappy.

In 2007, I was a super sappy bride to be…and quite eloquent, not gonna lie.
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Mama Grizzly Bites The Principal


I got a little pissy at Ava’s principal this morning…Here is my rant. I will of course edit it before I send the actual one, but this is my rough draft.  Names “adjusted” to protect the innocent and keep me from getting sued.

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It’s Time to Put On Makeup, It’s Time to Light the Lights


There are moments when you just know you’re becoming your mother and instead of infuriating you because you might have foolishly promised yourself you’d NEVER blah, blah, blah…you feel the twinge of someday…

(Before you read any further, please note…no one is dying or sick or demented)
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To Do List


I don’t like the term “Bucket List”, I’d hope that I can get some of this stuff before I have run out of time and while they may be things I want to do, they aren’t things I have to do before I kick the bucket. Read the rest of this entry »

And A Happy New Year


I love the phrase “Have a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.”  I think of all the things I loved about my last job in Connecticut, it was the salutations given to people by my bosses during the month of January (or so it seemed), welcoming in the New Year with such well wishes and pleasantness.  These were my favorite greetings. Read the rest of this entry »

How Do You Measure a Month?


This is a tough one to write.  So much information to cram into what I hope will not put you to sleep.  Under no advisement, I have determined that I will bullet point now and elaborate in future blogs.  Hold on tight, ’cause here we gooooooo! Read the rest of this entry »

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Water Park – 2014


What I could talk about is how many super fun and kid friendly water parks and play areas are in Colorado Springs, but I won’t…because we keep having one in my house! Read the rest of this entry »

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I’m Only Doing What’s Best For You


We’ve all heard those words, right? From our parents, from our favorite TV parents, from other people’s parents…I didn’t just make that up right?  Parenting is HARD…dear God it’s effin hard.  Um, yeah, it’s hard. Read the rest of this entry »

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What’s The Matter With Job?


There’s tons of stuff milling around in my mind.  Nearly, a year after the Waldo Canyon Fire, here we are in the midst of the Black Forest fire.  Several friends are in mandatory evacuation areas, even more in pre-evacuation or voluntary evacuation zones.  There’s a haze of smoke every day.  The news is focused on the fire 24/7 and you really can’t help but pay attention to what’s going on.  Aircraft transporting water and slurry overhead to aid the fight. Read the rest of this entry »

And The Beat Goes On


5/3/13 …We’re nearing the home stretch folks.  The basement is 99.5% completed and the kitchen is 65% completed.  And they look AWESOME…so freakin’ awesome I can’t stand it.  I just want to stand around and look at the prettiness amidst the unfinishedness and dream of how pretty it really is, and forget how expensive it is becoming.

We’ve finally moved most of everything back into the basement. Read the rest of this entry »

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