Renewing Mercies…A Little Each Day

Starting over from scratch…sorta

Monkey Pajamas & Flying Plates


So what do YOU want for Christmas little girl? And what did I get…well…

1.  A traffic-free ride to JFK to pick up Mr. Court
2.  Monkey pajamas from my mom (when in doubt – go with monkeys)
3.  A new Bible (which I asked for) but has yet to be inscribed hint hint
4.  A book entitled Be Angry (But Don’t Blow It) – no further comment, but flying plates are in there
5.  My Big Fat Greek Wedding on DVD
6.  The Magic Bullet – it’s a blender
…and much much more!

Pending gifts…
1.  Flat iron
2.  1 full place setting of our china (from Mom)
3.  Other stuff that are surprises

What I did and will NOT get…
1.  A pony
2.  A puppy
3.  A monkey
4.  A baby
5.  A new bike…but Sam got one with flames on it and a kickstand and it’s real cool.

Mostly what I got for Christmas this year was a fulfilled promise.  My Abba Father made me a promise and he came through, and I’m very thankful that He keeps those promises…even when they seem to take a bit to materialize.

Thanks for the gift!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

– L

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