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February 19th Means Nothing To You…But…


I always remember February 19th.Today is my parents’ anniversary.  They’ve been divorced longer than they were married.  It’s been twenty years now since the divorce was final as I recall, and they’ve both remarried, but I still remember the date.

From the stories I hear, the invitations were all verbal and were stated as “Hey, I’m getting married on Tuesday! Wanna come?”  It was pouring rain, and the limo (hurse) stalled 3 times on the way to the church…in front of the cemetery.

I was there, being knit together in my mother’s womb, hence the Tuesday wedding.  My mother (because right now the world revolves around me) will likely tell you that I was the best thing that came out of that marriage, but I think she’s wrong.

My brother Steven is a much better person than I.  He’s less judgmental and more giving.  He’s kinder, gentler, more loving.  He’s a hugger, a listener.  He’s a great musician, and essentially self-taught.  He’s smart and charming.

See, I may have been the reason the marriage happened, but more than that my existence made his possible.  He almost died when he was a baby.  I said a foolish and hurtful thing to him when I was 14 or 15…I caused a wound I can never heal…but he means more to me than anyone else in the world, and I hear he feels the same way about me.

In four days and some-odd hours he’ll be giving me away, to someone he doesn’t know, to a place he’s never been.  February 19th will mean much less then, in comparison.

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  1. Mommy (2007-02-19 22:41:26)There are dates along the way that will always stay with you ~ this being one of them for us…If I were asked I would say (as I always have) my children (yes, both of them) are the best thing that ever came from that marriage. Both unique yet so alike. Both amazingly beautiful! I have been incredibly blessed by each of them and I count myself so very fortunate to have had these 2 precious babies! Lea, yes you paved the way for Steven ~ I thank God for both of you! ~ but each of you has infinite value to me.

    Our life was not always easy yet we arrive here at this wonderful moment in our lives and my children still tenderly love each other and are appreciating and celebrating the relationship they share. They are both truly wonderful people who are loving and compassionate towards others (as anyone who knows each of them would agree) ~ they are fun and funny (who can laugh the most? or the loudest?!) ~ they are both passionate (only about different things) ~ they both cherish their family and friends… and each other! How many brothers and sisters share this kind of relationship?

    I look back over our life together and there are countless times when the 2 of them are face-to-face laughing out of control! From tiny little kids they were always sharing something that drove them to hysterics! Forget about the 2 of them in church! That is why this is so amazing ~ Lea and Steven together in church!!! I wonder how they will ever keep it together as they walk down the aisle? I wonder how I will keep it together…?

    They are so very precious to me! We kind of grew up together, my children and me. I didn’t know how to be a Mom ~ I was just a kid myself. I made lots of mistakes & I wish I could heal all the hurts & disappointments. I wish I could go back and make all the wrongs right and give them each all the time and love they deserved then… but I can’t. I am sorry I was so self-centered and not what or who I should have been for you, and for not being the Mom you needed me to be.

    Steven and Lea are who they are because of… or despite of… all we have been through. I can say without a single hesitation that God has had His hand on each of us all along the way ~ He has held us up, provided for us when we had nothing, protected us from every evil that threatened us, held us together as a family when all we had was just us three.

    And now, in a few short days, we will welcome Court into our family. (Lea and Steven were gracious in welcoming Bob when he and I married ~ and after a while there came a little brother!) But Court ~ a husband, an in-law ~ this is a new dimension to our family! (We love Andrea too!) We knew he was out there ~ we knew Lea had a husband we just had no idea who he was or where he was or what was taking him so long!!! Turns out ~ since God brings the woman to the man ~ it was LEA who was long overdue! God was preparing her for him!!!

    Court, SHE IS WORTH WAITING FOR! She is stunningly beautiful! She is full of love for you! She is the radiant bride just waiting to be presented to her husband. Together you will be continually blessed. We welcome you and embrace you into our family. Now, obey the command of the Father: be fruitful and multiply! (after a while I mean)

  2. Mommy – one more thing (2007-02-19 22:50:49)Lea, I forgot to say thank you for your beautiful heartfelt expression of love for your brother. You have brought me to tears. I love you, my precious daughter! Jesus has blessed me beyond all I could ever have imagined by giving me you and your brothers!
    Love, Mommy

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