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Hello Dolly!


My newest paranoia is ridiculously comical…especially considering who I married.

I realized last night on my way home from work that I would get outrageously upset if I were given a blond doll when I was a little girl. I had dark hair, therefore my “baby” should have dark hair, I couldn’t possibly be a mommy to “baby” with blond hair and blue eyes, like most of the plastic babies were. How dare someone try to foist a genetically impossible baby doll on me!

Now, of course, my understanding of genetics is the brief overview that they give you in high school biology and…though I did take biology my first year in college…all I really remember is the part where we dissected a live frog and though inhumane, it was very, very, VERY cool…and the little bugger jumped out of my hand before we did the deed and I screamed like the girl that I am…even now it gives me the willies. Yecccchhhh!

That said, it is entirely possible considering Court has blond hair and blue eyes, as did apparently let’s say 90% of the people he’s biologically related to have blond hair and blue eyes…AND…my brothers were both blond, my mother was born blond as were all of her brothers and her sister…most of my cousins are blond…that this already very cute little teeny girl could show up with blond hair and blue eyes. Seriously.

It is not uncommon that I have a full blown hissy fit about something that I’m totally mistaken about and dead wrong and was a huge waste of time. The comic thing is that these are hissy fits that I had about 25 to 30 years ago. Why am I still wrong all the time?

In any event…all that is to say that IT’S A GIRL!!!! And we’re very excited, just thrilled to pieces that she’s a girl and however will I endure the next 4 1/2 months until she gets here. Well, there’s Christmas…then hopefully a vacation…then I’ll just have to shop! So, that said, I’ve already shopped. Hee hee…I bought the bedding set that I’d picked out for her crib, but I did create a registry or two! The pretty one is one Pottery Barn Kids and the second is on Babies R Us. Pretty things are on Pottery Barn, practical on Babies R Us.

We’ll keep you posted on how things are going…and really…this baby is likely to emerge bald for who knows how long, so really how dramatic can I be?

Here's Our Girl!

Here's Our Girl!

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