Renewing Mercies…A Little Each Day

Starting over from scratch…sorta

Time Flies


So now it’s February 2008 and that means…


Which is totally crazy, I mean, the first 5 months or so of our marriage felt like we were dating and living together, but not really married. Hmmm, maybe I shouldn’t be writing this all alone…

Anyway, so yeah, 12 months later we haven’t really so much settled into married life as opposed to heaping on the activities and stress. Let’s see if any of this rings a bell…but keep in mind, it’s all fact.

1. Get married and drive across country and move into Court’s place. – Check
2. Discover all the things that Court’s place is missing and equip home with such things…like a real bed. – Check
3. Find a temp job. – Check
4. Get laid off from that temp job…find another one…

Six week pause and…. – Check

5. Go meet in-laws. – Check
6. Have in-law that you never expected hear from call while in the living room of other in-laws. – Check

Awkward pause…- Check

7. Get a puppy! – Check
7. Become your own doctor, decide to stop taking meds because it’s too expensive, end up in the emergency room, and have to pay co-pay that exceeds the amount of prescriptions for the month…in addition to month’s worth of prescription meds. – Check
8. Get opportunity to move into a “really great house” – Check
9. Go meet unexpected in-law in Houston. – Check
10. Decide to move a month earlier than lease expires. – Check
11.Go visit family back home, for like, a day. – Check
12.Move, but take an entire month to do so. – Check
13.Hmmm, we’re pregnant. – Check (Guess we’ve been doing things that aren’t on the list)
14.Go to Vegas and celebrate! (Celebrate Court’s 35th Birthday). – Check
15.Find out we have to move…in a month. – Check

Pause to be really pissed off and bitter…- Check

16. Finally get hired as a real employee with real benefits and a real salary! – Check!
17. Tell them you’re pregnant and due in May. – Check
18. Let that settle in for a while before…In Laws Visit (Court’s Mom & Don from Houston) – Check!
19. First Thanksgiving! Think about doing our own for 2, scrap that idea and go to Carol’s and hang out with people. – Check
20. Buy a Turkey Deep Fryer and practice a couple of times before using it for Christmas Dinner. – Check
21. Mom, Bob & Sam visit for Christmas week…realize we’re selfish and quiet people, what are we thinking having a needy little noisemaker (that’d be a baby)! – Check
22. Happy New Year…dog runs away. – Check
23. Spend the night being miserable and sad because Kai’s out in the cold all alone and scared of fireworks. – Check
24. Search more for dog…who’s been at the Humane Society…pick her up and have her turned into Robot Dog (have her microchipped). – Check
25. Plan trip to East Coast for Valentines Day/Babymoon/Anniversary. – Check
26. Pack up and leave tonight. – Chhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeccccccckkkkkkk

So, there’s a year for you…there’s probably been some other significant stuff in there, but I don’t remember what it is and you’re not helping me write it…so there! Plus, it took me nearly 2 weeks to finish this!

Hey, if you’re in CT…see you in a couple days!
Happy Anniversary!

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