Renewing Mercies…A Little Each Day

Starting over from scratch…sorta

I Know They’re Down There Somewhere


My feet have long since disappeared, but it seems that they are running my life. (Yes, terrible pun.)

So, we went to Connecticut for the weekend…and spent a day in New York City. It really is a place that’s impossible not to love. The fact that you can spend a whole day there and only accomplish one percent of what you meant to because you were enjoying being there so much says a lot I think.

Anyway, the nice thing about being from the northeast is that New York is always an option. Our plan is to let Grammarie, or whatever she decides she should be called, have a sleepover with baby Ava during our next trip and have a sleepover of our own in the Ci-tay.

This is because even though we wanted to see Ellis Island, the Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, the Natural History Museum…and much, much more…unfortunately, even though usually I have plenty of stamina to do the City…my poor pregnant feet just can’t take it anymore! We ended up choosing one thing to do (the museum) and because there was some traipsing through Manhattan involved on either end of our day…

…We borrowed a wheelchair for me at the museum and Court pushed me around all afternoon.

He kept parking me in places and going off to take pictures. Little kids were eye level with me and looked at me all weird. I felt so pathetic…but I did make it through the day and that was the point. I hate that my feet are making my decisions for me. In fact, I’ve asked for only one thing for our anniversary…black Crocs, so I can have a different pair of shoes than the brown Merrells I’ve been wearing for months. By the way, they don’t even so much as GO with any of my pants, and considering I’m watching “What Not To Wear”, god forbid that they show up on my door with $5000…welllllllllllll…um…actually yeah, they could come over…but wait until I give birth please!

Speaking of giving birth, Miss Ava is most likely to make an appearance in mid-April, which isn’t really unexpected. I haven’t thought that they’d let me go to my due date to begin with, but provided everything continues to go well and on track, we’ll likely be scheduled for delivery in the 37th or 38th week, whether scheduled induction or caesarian…right now, who knows. All we really know is, we don’t have as much time as we thought…instead of the 11 weeks left that kind of blew my mind, we now have 8 weeks left…and the clock is counting down.

Tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tocktick tocktick tock….eep!

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