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Well, we knew she’d be early…but not yesterday early!

So last week when I went to the doctor’s office for our weekly check up, the amniotic fluid was lower than it had been, and the doctor was a bit concerned. While Court and I knew I wouldn’t go until my due date…the doctor was indicating that she’d come even earlier than the 38 weeks that we’d been comfortable with…so, we rescheduled our life a bit…

Initially I was to start maternity leave on April 21…that seemed plenty of time before the due date…but, the doctor said 37 weeks “if that long” and so we moved it up…maternity leave was supposed to begin on Monday, April 14…we told my mom and she rescheduled her flight from April 26 to April 19 with a “are you sure you’re going early”.

Turns out, well yeah…and way earlier than we’d expected. Yesterday’s regularly scheduled Wednesday appointment was for 1:00 pm, so I fully expected to go back to work afterward and finish off my last week before maternity leave. I left the office at 12:30, stopped to make a deposit, called Court to make sure he was coming with me, because though we expected it was our last appointment, we didn’t think we’d be sent straight from the doctor to the hospital.

It was probably very scary, but I was so overwhelmed with the change in schedule and the knowledge that the baby was coming “TODAY” instead of next Monday or maybe on the 21st so my mom could be there for the birth, that I never really got to the point where I realized that we were having the baby right away because she was in danger. God put some blinders on me I guess, and they worked pretty well…I was perfectly calm through the whole thing.

Funny how we never took any prenatal classes or birthing classes…I was starting to think that we should have, I mean, the nurses kept asking me if I’d had contractions and, well, I don’t know, I may have…

When we got to the hospital they got me all set up, my doctor met us there and explained what was going to happen, they were going to induce me and give me a pill that would start labor…and then that changed a bit, they decided to run an IV of pitocin and monitor those contractions to see if the baby would tolerate the contractions. I mean, I was only 1-2 centimeters dilated and not even effaced, so this test was to see if the baby would even be able to handle a couple hours of labor…let alone 20…there wasn’t anything dramatic… Ava, I’m sure, had no idea what was going on until she was born, but the monitor showed that her heart rate dipped just slightly during contractions and they decided not to risk it and just do a cesarean…which thankfully was the way I wanted things handled from the beginning. Did I want a cesarean? No, but I really didn’t want them to decide to do one after having labored for 15-20 hours like Mom did with Sam. So, about 10 minutes after putting me on pitocin and monitoring the baby, the doctor came in and said they were going to go in after her. We had gotten to the hospital at around 2:30pm or so…at 5:09 I walked into the operating room…at 5:39pm they pulled her out of me and she was born. All 4 pounds, 4 ounces and 19 1/2 inches of her.

Tiny Spa Baby
Tiny Spa Baby

She’s cute and strawberry blonde and it’s too early to tell what color her eyes are. But, Miss Ava Frances Marie Newman is doing very well. My plans to breastfeed are still in the planning stage. She’s been on IV since birth because her blood sugar was low…but she’s taking a bottle now every 3 hours…and they’ll probably start weaning her off of the IV and get her on the bottle a little more tomorrow. They said she can come home when she’s eating and has gained weight….so hopefully that means in a couple days when they let me come home, she can come too.

Anyway, we’ve got some pictures up on the web, so if you want to check them out go to:

Court and Lea Gallery

Love you all…

Court, Lea & Ava

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