Renewing Mercies…A Little Each Day

Starting over from scratch…sorta



So, on July 31st we left the house around 3pm-ish to catch a plane to Houston and Kermit was no where to be found. She’d gone out the night before and not returned in the morning as is her habit so from the airport I had to make an emergency call to Tiff & Bryan with a “can you please stop over and let the cat in” plea.

She didn’t get back in the first night…I had no idea until yesterday that they were out in the street calling for an hour…but she was home safe & sound the next. We came home a couple days later and there she was in the house to greet us. Just as I knew she would…and then came Monday night…or Tuesday night…I’m not quite sure.

She got out…AGAIN…and has yet to return…and it rained every day since then.

Oh where, oh where has my Kermit gone, oh where, oh where can she be????

At first, I figured she’d be back in the morning, she’ll be back at night, she’ll be back in the morning…but as the days passed by, still no Kermit. I decided Saturday to look on the humane society’s website. That’s where Kai ended up after only 12 hours…

But she was a lost dog and Kermit, a cat, is undeniably more difficult to catch. But there was a cat posted on their database that sounded and looked like her…a pissed off her, so we went down to the Humane Society Saturday afternoon to scout her out amongst the masses of very likely abandoned cats. I wrote my name down and waited for my turn, only to be told (and yet I refused to believe him) that this wasn’t my Kermit…it was found about 50 miles away in Pueblo. That didn’t deter me, but the statement that the cat had been hanging around the finder’s home for about 3 weeks…well, Kermit had only been gone 4 or 5 days, so it wasn’t her…next…

We had to file a lost pet report and then wait around in line to be taken to see the cats not in public view. My goodness there are so many…and they’re all over this facility, rooms aplenty and all akimbo, hardly any of them were near each other.

So now, a week and a half later…I doubt she’ll return. I’ll continue to look on the website and at the shelter. In all likelihood though, if she hasn’t come back, then, ya know…I really don’t want to think about what may have become of her. I hope she comes back, but in a way, I am somewhat relieved. It was obvious that she was starting to age, not that 10 years is really that old for a cat, but it is kinda old for a cat.

In the meanwhile…here kitty, kitty, kitty…

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