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Our backyard currently resembles the wilderness (note: call Tiff and schedule Sam for some poop-scoopin’), but tucked in the back was a tiny surprise.

We’ve not been letting Kai outside unattended for about a month or so…much to her dismay.  There are a couple of dogs in the yard behind ours that don’t know how to play nicely, so whenever they’re out (which is all the time) there’s mean growling and scuffling near the fence.  All that to say that one day last week I went outside with her, while Ava was taking a nap, and up the little hill in the tiny tree that Kai has dug a moat around…was a cluster of 3 teensy perfect peaches!

Little Bitty Peaches!

Little Bitty Peaches!

I picked ‘em and brought them in and had them in the kitchen for about a week before I remembered to tell Court that we have a peach tree! Yay!

He wasn’t really impressed.  Unlike Adam (you know man #1…), my husband wouldn’t take the fruit that the wife offered.  There were two little blemishes to the skin and he said he wasn’t eating wormy fruit, so I peeled it to look for said worms, but there were none…and he still wouldn’t eat it.  So I ate it…I ate all of them.

Now keep in mind that there were only three, and these peaches were Ava-sized and equal in size and shape to a walnut.  I had wanted to give Ava one of the peaches and take a picture of her with the peach in her hand, but I forgot (about 3 seconds after I had the wonderful idea) and cut them up and plopped them in my yogurt…so this picture is the best I’ve got.

Mmmmmmm…hope we’re still here next year and that we get more than three.  But, next year I’ll have to share with Ava…

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