Renewing Mercies…A Little Each Day

Starting over from scratch…sorta

Martha, Martha, Martha!


They told me this would happen…and, much to my dismay, it has…but not 100% dismay… I’m enjoying myself, just a little bit.

Halloween approaches and though my single and married yet childless self had once just enjoyed buying lots of candy, handing it out to the doorbellringers and then perhaps (yes, perhaps) taking a walk in the dark and handing out candy to many a passerby, this year our little munchkin has sparked something in me very strange indeed…the desire to create a costume.

Being a stay at home mom has some perks…taking a shower in the afternoon with a screaming baby in the other room is not one of them…but, I have to say that nursing or spoon-feeding said screamer while watching any number of TiVo’d authorities on homemaking is amongst my top 10 (I don’t actually have a list, but if I had to, it’d be up there).  What I like best is not having to watch them all or at all depending on who, what, when, where & why is this show on anyway…

So, one day, last week Martha Stewart had an episode where they had a baby costume that I couldn’t pass up making…and didn’t involve sewing!  Woo Hoo…because I don’t really know how to sew…but I do know how to glue! Yippee!  So for the grand total of about $14.00 I am in the midst of making a tigerlily costume for Ava & me.  I won’t publish my email here…but if you know my email, you know why this is so fantastic…and not just because there’s a tigerlily on my heinie.

3 Down...3 To Go

3 Down...3 To Go

I only have three petals finished, and we’re under construction again tonight…I had to wait until Ava had gone to bed to resume construction because the glue is kinda stinky and I didn’t want to get her high or kill her.  I mean, I’m not George Costanza here!

So, I’ve crept into crafty world.  I’ve been wanting to scrapbook some of Ava’s baby things, but I think I need a helper, cuz I’ve not quite done stuff like that before.

Anyway, time to watch Whatever Martha! and glue myself silly and then go buy some orange KoolAid to use as dye and dye a beanie and a onesie for the rest of the costume.  Will post pics when I’m done.

Nighty Night!  (Oh and Tabby Tab’s coming soon too! Yay!

PS – All the KoolAid did was stain my fingertips and nails orange…I look like I have jaundice.  Not cool, but at least this mistake only cost me 40 cents.

Check out our finished product!  Such a cutie!

Princess Tigerlily

Princess Tigerlily

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