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Dear 2008


I keep getting these in the mail, and while interesting…I’m not about to unlick all my Christmas card envelopes to add a recap of this past year…the internet is free afterall.

Baby Bellies

Baby Bellies

We certainly were blessed in 2008, there’s no doubt about that.  In mid-December of 2007 we were told that I was pregnant with a baby girl.  We were thrilled.

In February, Court and I took a “babymoon” and celebrated our 1st Anniversary with a trip to Connecticut.  My mother threw me a surprise baby shower and I was able to spend the day with many dear friends who blessed our baby with many wonderful gifts that have outfitted her longer than any of them expected!

We had decided that I would not go back to work after the baby was born, and had peace about it, but no clue how that was going to pan out financially.  God provided for us through a man with whom Court had worked in the past on some projects.  He had offered Court some contract work a couple of times, but just when we needed it most, he offered Court a full time position as a programmer, with an excellent salary, benefits and paid time off.  Praise God!  That was a great relief and Court was scheduled to begin working a couple of weeks before the baby was due…

Ava Frances Marie

Ava Frances Marie

But God had a different timeline for us.  Our Ava Frances Marie was born on April 9th…4 weeks early and 4 pounds, 4 ounces.  She spent 2 weeks in the NICU, and while it was extremely difficult to leave her there, we were blessed that she didn’t have any major problems ~ though they all seemed major at the time!  My mom came out to help for a couple of weeks and Court started his new job at Thought Ascent while she was here.

My mother’s visit was followed by Court’s mother Susan and her fiance from Texas.  The next weekend his father HC and stepmother Sue from Washington came for Ava’s dedication.  It was great to have everyone come out to meet their new granddaughter.

Unfortunately, we found out during his dad’s visit that his cancer was back and while we were able to see him on Labor Day weekend one more time, in mid-September he passed away and beat us to heaven.  We all miss him dearly.

Ava, Grammarie & Uncle Sam

Ava, Grammarie & Uncle Sam

I was able to travel with Ava to Connecticut for a long vacation during the Thanksgiving holiday and introduce Ava to our family and friends.  It had been nearly two years since I’d seen my brother Steven, and it was great to see him and everyone else and spend time with my mom and let her get all her Ava squeezes in that she could.  We left Court behind because he had to work and it was too expensive, but we were glad to finally come home and he was very glad to have us back!

I’ve really enjoyed being a stay at home mom to Ava.  She’s growing and changing everyday.  She’s becoming very curious and is a happy, smiley, beautiful baby with laughs and giggles and cuddles.  She loves our dog Kai and is very friendly and playful.  She’s starting to develop a little separation anxiety while we are at home, which makes it very hard to leave her sight without hearing outbursts of fury trailing behind, but she does well in the nursery at the gym and with babysitters and that’s a very good thing.

Court continues to work for Thought Ascent and is doing well and they are very pleased with him there.  They have recently moved into an office that is closer to home and a much more handsome space.  He now has his own workspace and is looking forward to his next year with them.  They have more work than they have people to do it, he says, so that’s great, especially in this economy.

We hope that 2009 finds you and yours, happy, healthy and prosperous!  Enjoy your days and your loved ones.

Be very blessed.


Lea, Court, Ava  & Kai Newman

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