Renewing Mercies…A Little Each Day

Starting over from scratch…sorta

No More Mommies


The families have finally met…well, kind of.

I guess that’s the thing that can happen when you meet your husband on the internet and his family tree is complicated…Court’s family didn’t come to our wedding and so our families have never met.  So, after two and a half years, his stepmom and my mom finally met.  Sue came out to visit for the weekend and stayed through Tuesday and my mom came in on Monday and left this morning.  They enjoyed meeting each other and we have some pics, but none are at my disposal at the moment, so they’re not posted.

It was nice having them here for a visit.  Ava loved all the attention and as usual had them wrapped around her tiny finger and in stitches.  They also spent time encouraging her to crawl and walk…so now that those four extra hands are back on their respective coasts…mine are frequently occupied with holding tiny hands whose feet want to go go go!

I tried enticing my mom to stay, but Bob and Sam had been fending for themselves for about 8 days, so they needed her back.  We’re hoping that they’ll plan a roadtrip for next summer and come out here and stay for a few weeks.

But it’s definitely lonely here…and all these rainy days certainly are not helping! Waaaaaaaaaaah

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