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Only Saturday we were melting in here to the point that we actually went to Home Depot (together) and debated purchasing an air conditioner…thank God we didn’t.

It was so cold in the house today that I actually put socks on…and if you really know me, you know that I never wear socks, even when I know that I should.  I’m sitting here in the quiet, thinking that there really should be more on my mind to say considering it’s been nearly 2 months since I’ve put any thought to this blog, but really all I can think is….I’m freezing!

But that won’t get me to turn off the new ceiling fan! We all hear over and over about the housing crisis and the American dream of being a homeowner, and yes definitely, we want to be homeowners some day.  Spread out a little in the home of our dreams, have the floorplan of our dreams, knock down some walls and redecorate and settle in and know that the place in which we live is truly ours.  But while the critics may say over and over how renting is throwing your money away and filling someone else’s pockets, really, it’s a good deal.  Maybe we’re just very blessed to be where we are while we are here.

We have an amazing landlord.  We are so blessed to have Stella as our homeowner.  She’s very hands off, we are happy to pay her every month.  After our first 6 months of marriage having moved twice and unexpectedly moving a third time (while newly pregnant), this house became available at a great price and at the end of nearly two years we are still glad to be here.

Not that there aren’t things we’d love to be different.  There’s not a whole lot of storage.  Our driveway is a real PITA in the wintertime because it’s such a steep slope.  It’d be nice to have bigger bathrooms and the basement is unfinished and there’s way too many spiders if you give it much thought.  But none of those are deal breakers.

She replaced our windows in the bedrooms and upstairs living room last year…granted they kept falling in the house with a strong wind.  Our hot water heater needed to be replaced in May when it died…just died.  She replaced the dining room chandelier with a ceiling fan and will be replacing the master bedroom fixture with another ceiling fan whenever we pick it up.  If we have difficulty paying rent on time, she’s been very understanding.  We had issues with the gas fireplace our first winter and she came over and climbed up on the roof to clean the chimney…she’s about 70-ish.

We’re obviously not in our dream home and sometimes we make a list of things we’d want different “when we buy our house”…but we’re no fools…we know we’ve got it good.

So even though she’ll never read this, I don’t even think she’s got email, thanks Stella…for the ceiling fan, for our home, for everything.  We’re very blessed to live here and we know it.

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