Renewing Mercies…A Little Each Day

Starting over from scratch…sorta

Pat, pat, pat, pat, pat….Blast Off!


Find the pieces, get the prize, use your ears, use your eyes…SING it with me!Until Little Einsteins, all classical music had no words…and now, it’s strange the words that they have, not sure these were what the great composers were trying to convey when they wrote ‘em.  ANYWAY…

A little boy was lost for a few hours yesterday only to be found later in his attic…the world is now a-flutter debating whether he was really lost, or the family wanted another 15 minutes of fame.  He ruined my nap yesterday because my mother called to find out if I was watching it on the news, afterall he was in Colorado.  Um, when do I ever watch the news during the day? I mean, I watch the Today show, but recorded and only the hour that Kathie Lee & Hoda are on.  Court watches the NBC Nightly News and seriously they repeat themselves over and over with a different anchor all day…  If we’re still talking about Michael Jackson, Swine Flu (oops, I mean H1N1), and the hovering state of the economy, they’re not really working over there at the networks.  A little boy made you run all over Colorado like idiots and made you believe he was missing and he wasn’t…dang, I bet that’s sucky for you.  I feel stupid at least once a day, join the club.

New news around here…Ava’s 18 month well baby check up was yesterday…not quite 20 pounds yet.  Such a little peanut.  30 inches though.  14.4% BMI….seriously, grown ups would kill for that!  I think I’m at 52% or something pathetic like that.  She’s doing well.  Not quite walking, cruising everywhere and over the weekend was taught how to go up the stairs by TT and Daddy….CRAP! Now she’s up there 7 times a day.  Real mommyness has begun…I am the net always ready to catch.  Fun fun fun! But isn’t she a big girl now! I’m so very proud of her.

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