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It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like…


Halloween? We got quite a bit of snow since Wednesday, not quite what I’d picture for Trick or Treating.  HmmmI made a personal rule, resolution, whatever last year…”There is no place that I absolutely have to go that requires me to drive in the snow in Colorado Springs.”  Because of that rule, I don’t think I’ve left the house on my own since Tuesday.

It had snowed here starting Tuesday evening and over the course of two days Colorado in general got up to 30 inches in some places, 18″ last I knew in Denver…but here in The Springs at least at our house we got maybe 6 inches, but as I’ve mentioned before…they don’t really plow here…hardly at all.  I skidded through too many stop signs in my little world last year to take the chance of killing myself, Ava and likely Kai to chance it.  I mean, I guess I may get stir crazy enough to wander out there, but so far not so much.

The great thing about Colorado is that usually immediately after the storm passes, the sun is out and that sun is nice and toasty and starts melting everything, as it has done today.  Court wisely gave me the warning this morning that I might not want to venture out quite yet…all that melting leads to big puddles…especially in parking lots.  Guess I’ll wait until tomorrow for grocery shopping.

I’ve spent most of this week creating the little extras for Ava’s Halloween costume.  She’s going to be a fairy princess.  Her costume is on loan from a family that we go to playgroup with, and I’ve made her some wings that I’m in love with, but intimidated by the thought of constructing the harness for them.  Now she’s going to have to wear feetie pajamas under the princess outfit to be able to go outside and trick or treat without catching pneumonia! We may just go visit a few friends and to the mall and do some indoor trick or treating and then spend the night passing out candy at home.

We’ll see.  I’ll post pics of her 2nd Halloween next week hopefully.

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