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Starting over from scratch…sorta

So What’s New With You?


Do Asians throw hamburgers at their weddings since American’s throw rice at theirs?….Oh Spammers! Sometimes you’re so funny!…I still deleted youSo, what’s new?  Well, if you didn’t get the personal call (we made 2), and didn’t read it on Facebook (where I keep up with all my peeps)…We’re expecting baby number 2!

At this early in the game it just seems weird, shocking and still unreal.  As with Ava, other than strange and random bouts of starvation and the inexplicable need to sleep RIGHT NOW…I don’t feel pregnant at all.  I’ve been fighting a cold for about a week, pretending it’s not a sinus infection because there have been just too many co-pays in our life for the past quarter.  I mean really.  It’d be so nice if they could figure out what’s wrong with you in one visit, rather than one visit, with multiple follow-ups and suggestions to see other doctors too…ugh…and then, no real definitive answers after all.  So annoying.

In any event, it seems that new baby will join us in December.  This time around my mind is more prepared for an early birth, possible bed rest, surgical intervention rather than natural, possibly leaving the hospital before the baby.  At the same time, the goal in my mind is to get to 37 weeks, take it easy and don’t over do anything, drink enough water, attempting to wait for help to do the things my crazy mind insists must be done now, and enjoy Ava while she’s still all by herself.

All this while figuring out how a new business fits in our lives.  I feel like all I do during naptimes and downtimes for her is make phone calls and send emails and try to schedule presentations and drop off samples and deflect frustration.  Trying to work a playdate or the gym or grocery shopping in between has taken its toll on our already not spotless, but definitely showing increased neglect home.  It is overwhelming here.  I try to make a dent, and it’s really no dent at all.  I’m not a great housekeeper.  There are things it wouldn’t even cross my mind to clean, and there are things that do cross my mind and then flutter away.

On a separate note, business is doing okay.  I had my first solo presentation last night.  It was strange, but good.  I booked two other parties, one for this month and one for June.  Officially there were no sales…yet…the hostess wants to place a big order but is waiting for her tax return to come in…such is the nature of the beast, I guess.  It’s strange the impressions we get from other people.  When you mix a job title with a person, your imagination assumes their lifestyle, etc., not so as I learned last night and in the recent months.  My “realtor” hostess last night, lives in a tiny townhome with 2 of her 4 children, works 2 jobs, has shabby furniture…but great friends.  Friends who, as it turns out, have used Arbonne before, obviously purchased from others or given to them as gifts…and are willing to host parties of their own.  So thanks for booking with me!  That’s encouraging.  Tonight Court & I are going to Denver to go to a “Mercedes Presentation”  Someone on another nearby team has earned their white Mercedes and we and others from our team are going along to support them and hear the CEO of Arbonne talk about…something.  I wish it didn’t cost $30.  There’s an paycheck of an unknown amount about to be processed and mailed to me on the 10th…but I keep having to output money.  It’s spent before I get it….sigh.

Well, I have to tackle this house today.  There’s laundry still in the washer, my living rooms are slightly gray with shedded black dog hair, and for the first time today I will pick up Ava’s books and dollies and attempt to make this house seem neat…and then I will “work my business”…I only have until 3:30 today. It’s a good thing we’re up early!

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