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Baby, Baby


This morning’s conversation hovered around whether or not something was witchcraft…and now whether or not I have to now repent for participating in folklore…oh these extra rules!

Back in high school, or maybe college, my friend’s mom told us about the “needle trick” where you can find out what kids you’ll have in what order if you thread a needle and dangle it over your wrist. It’ll go back & forth for a boy and in a circle for a girl.  I think it did 3 boys for me, but it was nearly 20 years ago (shhh) and obviously since my first child (and yes, first pregnancy) resulted in a girl…either my memory is incorrect, or the spooky needle was.

The other day a friend, who is also pregnant, told me I should try and dangle my wedding ring over my now pregnant belly and see if the ring tells me the same thing that the ultrasound will say in 3 weeks.  So yesterday I did…it said “boy”…and then this morning I told Court and of course the wiser of the two of us said “Don’t do that, that’s witchcraft…I saw on Charmed…”  Oops.

Didn’t even cross my mind that it was divination.  Funny, a friend posted on Facebook this morning “Your horoscope says; the simple action of coming to me for answers declares you don’t trust in the very God who created you to provide them.”  Well, horoscopes are never right, and though that should have been obvious to me, sadly it was not.  I asked my uber godly friends what they thought and I got one “huh?” and one “well of course it is!” (from my mother).  Court “pinged” me the link above.  He was right.  His gut was right.

Clearly the fog I’ve been in has permeated everything.  Nursing Ava for a year sucked me into reality television and I’ve been watching TV for about 2 years straight.  Most of what I’ve been filling my brain with is the ongoing sagas of The Real Housewives of Everywhere but Atlanta (because I couldn’t stand Kim) and the nauseating marriage of Tori & Dean.  Sadly, the same horror that kept me from watching Bridezilla’s when I was a bride, has not been active while watching the truly appalling behavior of 35 -55 year old women around the country interact with their “friends”.

I’ll admit, “good girls” don’t likely make for great TV and there aren’t many new scripted shows that are even interesting anymore.  Lost is over…Heroes is on hiatus…Grey’s Anatomy is like Friends + ER…Jon & Kate got divorced…the home perms of the Duggars bother me (I’m overly critical, I know, I’m working on it).  There’s a pattern.  Nothing’s on, there’s nothing to watch…read a book!   So I have, started reading again (I had to be coerced into it).  I read a really great book, that I’d be happy to tell you about if you ask, but I’m not posting it, because I don’t want political bitterness spilling all over the place.  I will tell you that I’m not at all into the Laura Bush book…it’s boring.  I should be reading pregnancy books and prepping for baby, but there’s not much to do until we know what it is, so that just has me window shopping on Babies R Us…purple butterflies if there’s a girl coming, turtles if the evil ring is correct and it’s a boy.  So far, the small people will be sharing a room.  So far all we really need is a crib and some  bedding.

If I’m asked, I say I want a girl.  We have all the girl stuff.  Our carseat is pink and so is our pack & play that we’ll use as a bassinet (because the old one was recalled).  Ava has so many cute clothes to reuse.  If we have a boy, we’re probably done (maybe one more) and then I’ll have to give them away or thrift shop them or whatever, but it’s a little sad.

I was watching videos that I took of Ava, some that I’d never watched after taking them.  She was such a cute baby!  She loves watching the baby videos…there was one with her at about 13 months, cruising the furniture in our living room and she ran in there to look for the baby.  She’ll love the new baby whatever it is, and so will I…a boy will be nice…now if only we could figure out a name.

Here’s her debut…so cute and tiny…I’m working on making a bigger baby this time. (The video takes a minute to load.)

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