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It’s a sad day today…and yet, so much brighter and sunnier.

Last summer, lightening struck…literally.

Lightening Strikes

Lightening Strikes

One of our crazy monsoon season storms, sent a bolt of lightening into the huge, shady, excessively messy cottonwood tree in our backyard.  According to Court, who was home, it splintered the top of the tree and sent pieces flying over our house and into the street.  It dropped a branch or two.  It shaved bark off one section all the way down to the roots. And since then, it’s been naked and vulnerable in our backyard, hanging on for dear life.

A time or two our landlady, Stella, has sent the unqualified layman with their chainsaw to rescue us from the most precarious of limbs, but winds exceeding 20mph have made the creaking and leafless top section more and more unstable and dangerous.  Considering our precious peanut sleeps in the room most protected by that tree, when those winds start blowing, we protective parents scoop her up and deposit her in our bed for peace of mind.  Now that we’ll be adding the 2nd of our little ones next door, but still in harms way, it was time for the tree to go.

We’d hoped that it could be saved.  A little creative carving surely could do the trick, couldn’t it? Nope…

Stella rang our doorbell on Sunday afternoon (waking me from my nap) with someone certified enough for her liking and took a look.  Despite my justifications, and attempts to make it work otherwise…the verdict was that it should come down.  This morning around 11:00, it began.

I’m sure I won’t notice the loss much until tomorrow morning when Ava is awake earlier than normal, because strangely the sun is up a little earlier for her.  It might not make too much of a difference…so far she’s napped through most of the take down.  It will be sunnier in the kitchen and warmer throughout the winter months.  The yard looks huge now, even with limbs and branches and debris everywhere.  Kai will entertain herself for hours gathering sticks, if we let her.

Part of me wonders how hot it will be in the kitchen come next summer…but then again, who knows if we’ll be here for another go-round by then.  In all likelihood we will, but you never can tell.

Bye tree…we’ll miss you!

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