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Starting over from scratch…sorta

Be Still


My heart goes out to pregnant mommies who are put on bedrest to keep their babies in longer.  Keeping still sucks…big time.Our tiny Christopher Steven…Harcourt…Newman…  was born on December 13th.  What a tiny little man.  Great sleeper, champion pooper, still looks like a little old man…hoping he’ll flesh out in the near future.  I’m exhausted, of course, but beyond the normal post-partum I, of course, have to do this up big! No ordinary bring home the baby and rest for me.  Nope.  Here’s the down low…

Sunday the 12th, Court and I were hanging out watching Sarah Palin’s Alaska, because Alaska is awesome and though I am among those who think she’s pretty remarkable…I’m not sure I’d vote for her in 2012.  I mean, she seems as if she’d give the secret service a run for their money.  Anyway, I started having contractions pretty close together and consistent.  So I went to lie down and Court called the doctor and they said that since I was 36+ weeks, I should go to the hospital.  We had our neighbor come over and bundle Ava up and take her to their house and to the hospital we went at about 2AM.  The contractions had pretty much stopped once we were there, but my blood pressure had spiked and wasn’t coming down.  They did some labs, turns out my platelet levels were pretty low and after several conversations between the nurse and the doctor on call, they decided Christopher’s birthday would be the 13th…and very soon, c-section 5AM.

Everything looked good, other than my skyrocketing blood pressure.  Christopher came out small (4lbs, 14oz), but healthy and unlike Ava, spent a short time in transition and then straight to us.  I spent 3 days (Monday, Tuesday, home Wednesday afternoon) in the hospital, and my little family was all together again.  We had a follow up appointment with the pediatrician on Friday and everything was fine with Christopher.  Court was home because I was recovering from surgery.

Monday AM I had a follow up appointment with my OBGYN and my pressures were still high.  Court ordered me to rest and kept checking my pressures…and they kept going up, up, up.  So Monday night found us back in the ER, where they decided to admit me.  Ava was again with our neighbor, Christopher was with us, and they set me up in a room and we just waited.  I nursed Christopher, hung out.  Court ran home to get some things.  At one point I got up to use the bathroom and noticed blood on the front of my jeans.  Court went out to get a nurse.  I went into the bathroom to check things out and gushed blood all over the floor and of course I screamed.  Next thing you know there are about 15 people in my room, I’m in a chair shaking and it’s…well, it was a full moon and an eclipse, so what can you expect.

Basically what happened was I had a blood clot that let go and blood, etc, drained out but it looked like a murder.  A doctor from my OBGYN’s practice patched me up and that was the least of our worries.  We spent the next 2 days in the hospital and apparently post partum nurses and such pay way more attention to you than on regular medical floors where you basically hang out all day and buzz the nurses to help you go pee because the IV has you attached to the wall.  After a those two days there really wasn’t a significant change in my pressures and the internist Dr. Evilsizer (you can’t make this stuff up people), was inclined to let me go and turn me over to my cardiologist.  Basically I’m young, and though my pressures are high, I’m not likely to stroke out or have a heart attack quite yet.  Just take it easy.

So, for days and days I’ve been laying around on the couch, nursing the baby, changing the baby, and watching Ava wreck the house.  Court’s been home a lot, but has still gone to the office in the mornings and gotten some things done.  I’ve sat here watching the house morph into a project I want to tackle.  That tree has got to come down I tell you!  As pretty as it is it takes up so much space.  Goodness gracious.

My mom came out on the 29th, which has been a huge help.  Ava’s got some focused attention and someone who can bend down and bathe her and follow her around and whatever I can’t do yet.  Yep, being confined sucks.

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