Renewing Mercies…A Little Each Day

Starting over from scratch…sorta

Energy Drain


I’d blog more often if I could both sit down and concentrate on forming a complete thought…and stay awake.

Several parents have talked about the…omg, some book I can’t remember the name of now!…anyway, it’s about parenting and how to train, discipline, correct, your children while giving them choices to empower them and give you a better perspective on what’s really important.  I mean, must everything be a power struggle, because at 2 and now 3 years old…everything is a power struggle.

I try, I really do, to give her choices, to release control about things. I’ve given up on some things and she’s very lucky that she’s a tiny kid because otherwise we probably wouldn’t let her eat whatever she will eat.  At least twice a week she goes to bed without having eaten her dinner.

And, after all these months of wondering “when will she start to talk…other than ‘whas zat’?”…the floodgates have broken and she. won’t. stop. talking.  Ever, really…she’s in bed talking now.  She has no volume control.  Somehow “shhh baby’s sleeping” just comes out ‘SSHHHHH BABY SLEEPING!”

We’ve entered the copycat era too.  There goes my fun vocabulary and angry driving tirades (mostly directed at the elderly in cars from the ’80s or older).  Time to be a good example, you know, when I’m not being a nag about her potentially crushing or otherwise breaking Christopher.  I’m a nag a lot…it’s exhausting.  Exhaustion plus frequent insomnia…yeah, I’m not always at my best.  Coffee is my friend, and so are naps.

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