Renewing Mercies…A Little Each Day

Starting over from scratch…sorta

What The?!?


I just don’t get this whole extreme couponing thing.I mean, seriously, who needs 93 bottles of hot sauce.  Who needs 3 swiffers?  Over 100 boxes of couscous.  I understand using coupons for things that you need, but things you probably won’t use up before they expire?  Really?

So here’s my big dilemma…where are these people getting these good coupons.  Because I keep getting the crappy ones that are $.50 off yogurt….if I buy 3 six-packs?  I only need 1! How is buying 3 and saving $.75 (maybe a whole $1.00) saving anything.  I feel like it’s a jip.  AND…you can’t really save money with coupons and eat healthy, because mostly those coupons are for junky foods.

That’s enough out of me.  Really…makes me frustrated watching that show…so yeah…thanks TLC, makes me miss Kate

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