Renewing Mercies…A Little Each Day

Starting over from scratch…sorta

Are You Sleeping?


Well, I’m not.  Again.  I really wish I knew why I am so frequently wide awake at 4:00 a.m.

It’s driving me crazy.  Well, not crazy exactly, but it sure makes me unproductive the next day.  Right now there’s a lot going on in my head because we are in the midst of buying a house.  All of the sudden, without sitting down to strategize and contemplate and dream about what we want, we’re trying to buy a house that is literally a stone’s throw from where we are now and…exactly what we need and have been saying that we want.

Nearly twice the living square footage of where we are now.  The new house has two separate and distinct floors (a rarity here) and a finished basement.  4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, a bigger kitchen with much more cabinet space, a 2 car garage, a nice green and level yard, a covered deck, and a bigger living room.  I should post a picture of what our “living room” (the one where the kids play and I spend most of my time) looks like versus the new one.  The sellers currently have a 42″ flat screen, an ottoman, a sofa, a love seat and a chair all around the perimeter of the living room, with room to spare.  My current living room has a sofa and a love seat nearly touching at the arms and I frequently have to move the ottoman or the baby’s swing to open the front door…AND there are no half walls.

I detest half walls.  These decorative walls are nothing more to me than opportunities to collect dust that people can see, but I cannot reach to get rid of the dust.  We have them in our kitchen now, and as you come down the stairs, the house just mocks me with all the places I cannot reach.  Jerky house.

I think more than anything I am so obviously grateful and in awe of God’s plans.  This house fell into our laps.  Truly it is a dream come true…dream coming true.  My heart feels like it is once again allowed to dream, to create, to imagine.  I’m not quite sure what stunted it, but it has been there, mired down and dreamless for quite some time.  Maybe it’s just that moving into our own home lets me once again start to think in “color” instead of rental white.  That bit by bit we will no longer just make do with what’s here and instead strive for what we want, what’s best for our family and our home.

What’s best right away is not the peach bedroom that’s there now for Ava…or the adorable blue room for Christopher with the one magenta wall that’s strangely not in any of the pictures on MLS.  Ah, well, we shall soon see.  At the moment the closing is scheduled for, my birthday of all days and then we would have about 15 days to move before having to be out of the rental.  That’s time to paint and organize bit by bit, right?  As if a closing is ever on time, wouldn’t that be nice.

Hopefully I’ve gotten enough off my mind and the little milk and cheese and crackers I snacked on will do the trick and keep my tummy from continuing to rumble and distract me from sleep.  Those babies sure wake early to poop, and no one else is wiping any heinies around here.

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