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Starting over from scratch…sorta

On My Way…Home Sweet Home


Today marks one month since our closing…obviously I’ve had little or no time to blog.  Excuse me, I have had time, but not the brain power to complete a thought, nevermind a blog-worthy ramble.  So, let me fill in the blanks.

Our closing went smoothly, and though my keys to my house were presented without a birthday gift bow…there was a big red bow on the front door and some happy birthday balloons because, as I’m sure I’ve said an obnoxious amount of times, I got a house for my birthday!!!

So, once we closed I really started packing like crazy.  We weren’t sure what work would need to be done here until we saw the house without the Seller’s furniture in the way of the walls and though we’d hoped that we’d only be painting the kid’s rooms, it turned out that the master bedroom needed a serious paint job too.  Unfortunately our house is seriously lacking in overhead lighting.  We have ceiling fans in abundance, so dark and cool are our rooms without furniture and lamps and the one torchiere that I brought over for extra lighting was pathetic.  It was like a nightlight.  Combine that with my serious blind spot in my right eye and, hmmm, I think those rooms are painted green…no one’s told me otherwise.  We ended up breaking some child labor laws and enlisting the help of our friend’s 14-year-old son to do all the edging in the master bedroom and along Ava’s ceiling.  Now every night, shoot anytime she’s in her room, Ava says over and over “Sammy paint the wall”.  I bust my butt for 3 days and the neighbor’s kid gets all the credit.  I really am a mother, aren’t I?

Court’s mom bought new furniture for Ava, to be delivered before the move, which had to be built and was supposed to be all ready for moving day.  That got postponed for a week or two due to unfinished painting, in the meanwhile Ava & Chris shared a room.  That idea proved to be poor after 3 mornings in a row finding Ava in the pack’n’play with Chris.  My friend Caren stopped by one afternoon and she and I tackled 2 of the 4 pieces, and I looked at the boxes for the other 2 in the closet for several days before finally getting up the nerve to combat them on my own.

I couldn’t do it when the kids were awake and the nightstand was easy enough to do in the living room on my own…the headboard, I could build it…but I couldn’t carry it up the stairs on my own.  So, it sat at the bottom of the stairs for a couple of days.  I kept forgetting about it until Ava’s bedtime, and I hadn’t the energy to squeeze that project into our day.  Today it made its way in.  Now her room’s all done, her new doorknob has been put on so she can stop escaping to the rest of the house before anyone knows she’s awake.

Amidst all the packing and unpacking, learning a new kitchen, figuring out a new routine, a baby who has learned to sit up on his own, and feed himself Cheerios, and now wants to eat when everyone else eats, even if it’s just rice cereal and random pureed something…our finances are in upheaval.  The official “lay-off” announcement came on Monday, but with it comes lots of options for income, but no specific dates for deposits. It is what it is, I guess.  So we are hopeful and aggressively looking at every option.  I’m relaunching my Arbonne business, which had been my plan anyway, but it’s with more urgency than initially thought.  That $200 extra dollars a month that I never really earned by not trying and pawning off my discount to my mom every month, hasn’t really done anyone any good.  Now we need it…and quite frankly $200 isn’t going to cut it anymore.  I’m going to have to actually try.  I’m going to actually have to present these really fantastic products to people and not assume that they’re not going to buy them.  So here we go, because I can’t afford to fail this time.  Plus I need a little break from my kids. Just a little one.

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