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Starting over from scratch…sorta

Go-ing Doooooowwwwwnnnn


Ah Aerosmith, I do love you long haired old guys from Massachusetts.  Thank you Steven Tyler for leaving American Idol and taking J.Lo with you so I don’t feel I have to watch it anymore.  Also, thank you Mariah Carey for joining the judging panel, to cement my decision to stop wasting time watching that show.


Well that was totally off topic…but hey, thanks for playing!  An update on the weight loss journey and drinking meals in a cup.  Court’s down 22 pounds!…and seemingly no longer snores. I didn’t really notice until this morning, but I think it’s been about a week since I heard him snore.  Anyway, 22 pounds! Probably 23 this morning, stupid men and their stupid machine-like bodies! I’m only down 18…yay! Boo…I need to keep off the scale during the week.  It makes me crazy.


So, what does 18 pounds mean?  It means I’m in a smaller sized jean, and thank Jesus and goodwill for jeans at the bargain price of $3.99, so that’s not horrible.  Also today’s current weight is my pre-baby weight for Christopher.  He’s only 19 months old, you know, whatever.  Once I started trying to actually lose weight, count calories and exercise to break a sweat, it only took 4 weeks to come off.  So, here’s to shrinking!


Aggravatingly, with the economy, the price of food and lots of other factors…it seems all we are eating is chicken.  Grilled chicken…and sometimes a little mix up with the sides.  Boy am I bored!  There are days that I would wrestle my child and lock them in the car for their hamburger, or mac & cheese or what have you got there little tiny innocent child? I so miss pasta with meat sauce, sigh…and coffee I really miss coffee.

My philosophy (really, of food?) at first was let’s just count calories. Considering that we were oh, so American, in our choices and portions that we glutted down our gullets, seeing how small a serving actually is and getting your grossly overstretched stomach to get used to the portions of an actual human rather than a cement truck, was going to be our first challenge.  Let’s just really pay attention to what we’re eating and pay attention to portions and stay within our calorie budget without going too crazy and trying to pile on the complications of “no sugar, no flout, no refined foods, everything organic…clean eating.”    Not that those things are without value, of course they are, but baby steps, for our transition, and baby steps with our wallets.


We’ve also been working with a trainer.  Oh my god, it’s so expensive. But we love him, so we’ll keep him, even if it does practically cost the same as our mortgage to work out with him only twice a week…each.  Craziness.  This of course means that Court is working extra hours on side projects.  I have to focus on the fact that we are doing this to change our lives, and this is a short term necessity, once we reach our goal, then we won’t need to pay for this anymore, right?  Not this often anyway, and not separately, right, right?


On a side note, Court won a juicer.  I won’t explain how, but he was a little disappointed that he was the only one who didn’t win some sort of techno gadget and got the juicer instead.  I, on the other hand, was stoked!  Until I found out how expensive monetarily and calorically juicing is…what the crap?!?!  It takes like 14 peaches and a whole pound of spinach to make juice…I guess if that’s all your having it’s fine, but if you have to figure out all the calories in there, that’s some expensive green stuff.  I still want to juice stuff though…it’s pretty awesome.


I have to blend some food now.  Enjoy your day…eat something yummy and unhealthy for me today.  I will think of you as I drink the poison that is Diet Orange Crush and wish I had vanilla vodka to put into it.  I mean, I will think of you as I do aqua pilates and focus on my core, yeah, that’s what I meant.


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“Go-ing Doooooowwwwwnnnn”

  1. On July 27th, 2012 at 1:11 am Mommy Says:

    I am so proud of you!!! I know this is huge and difficult ~ however, it is so worth it because it is your health & life you are dealing with! I am proud of the fact that you are both so dedicated to this and that you are doing it TOGETHER! On top of that you are both disciplined in your efforts. Expensive, yes. But in the long run you are changing from long-held bad habits to life-changing good habits which will also be shared and filtered down your kids and their lives. I am very happy you have both made this decision and you are sticking to it!

    We are eating chicken every meal too (I hear you loud & clear!) and organic but of course for different reasons. It was Bob’s cancer diagnosis that changed our world. We are eating to save his (& our) lives. We knew all the beef and fat, etc. was bad but who knew we would pay in this way. Yes, eat clean and stick to it!

    You both are doing a great job and feeling better already. Dropping sizes feels wonderful, doesn’t it! And having your body clean and functioning well feels great too. Keep going! You are moving in the right direction and I am thrilled for both of you.

    Let me tell you, the cost of eating unhealthy food is FAR more expensive than paying for organic foods and trainers. We don’t know what the outcome of Bob’s diagnosis will be… but, we are doing our best to keep him (and us) alive & healthy.

    I love you both!

  2. On August 3rd, 2012 at 3:15 pm Randy Dillow Says:

    I am so proud to be part of your transformation! I feel lucky to have met you both and can’t wait to see where we can go together!