Renewing Mercies…A Little Each Day

Starting over from scratch…sorta

Happy Birthday to Mommy….Happy Birthday to Meeeee


Ah, 37…you were nice to me, even though I’ve been talking about turning, *gasp* 38 for like 6 months.  I feel like Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally  “…and I’m turning 40!!!”  “When?”  “Someday!”  40 will be nice, I would like to go on a cruise…we should start saving now.

So I have to write a blub (paragraph, snippet) about ME and Court…to be published…in the gym newsletter.  People actually read that.   Correction, other people I don’t know, may actually read that.  And, there will be a picture.  I’m dying right now.

I have the pit in my stomach that I used to have when I was single and dating and someone asked me out and I said yes and then the day before I wanted to change my mind.  I hate this feeling.  It blows…and it gives me unattractive indigestion.

What do I even say?  Blah blah blah, we joined Villa Sport when Ava was 8 weeks old and have been hanging around doing nothing and paying gobs of money ever since.  About twice a year my husband and I would get into a discussion where I would end up crying about how I was so miserable and fat and unhappy with myself blah blah blah use the gym or we’re cancelling our membership blah blah blah pregnant with second baby and exercised everyday until I was eight months pregnant and would drop of Ava at child care, go pee, climb the stairs (eventually I used the elevator), go pee, hop on the bike, 10 minutes later, go pee…  Have baby, recuperate from surgery, gain back all the baby weight, camp out at an ungodly poundage for 18 months.  Measure your body for a dress, realize that you’re nearly as round as you are tall…suck it up and ask for help.  Two months later, down 25 pounds, yet still frustrated that I gained back the weight I’d lost 10 years ago plus 40 pounds.

Not such an interesting story overall, well, maybe the end.  Really not happy about the picture…I thought this was for October…ugh.

Time to dress this up, thankfully there aren’t many of you that read this…except for my stalker, I mean trainer…so I’ll get shit for this now, but this is the internet and my blog, so I can do what I want.

Oh! And my birthday is tomorrow!!! Yay! I love my birthday.



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