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When Somebody Loved Me


I nearly lost it today…in many ways, I actually did lose it…my cool, my temper, my sanity, my keys…  But I knew this was coming and up until this morning, thought I’d escape without tears and sappy drama, but now I know tomorrow morning I won’t.


Ava starts Pre-K tomorrow.  For months I’ve been excited for her.  I’ve been so excited it’s all I could talk about it seemed.  Preparing for it, choosing the school was probably the hardest, but we found a great school that is what we wanted but not overly expensive.  She’ll go Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings. Daddy will take her to school, and Mommy and Christopher will pick her up.  My concerns have been centered around how to pay for her school supplies and clothes that fit into her dress code.  Will she finally be pooping on the potty? (Yes, at least since May) Logistics of course, and then this morning, we were listening to “Ava’s Songs” on Spotify and  “Jessie’s Song (not the actual title)” from Toy Story 2 came on and I had to hold it together.  There are other songs, about children growing up so fast and leaving you that make me tear up and maybe sob, like I am now.  Songs Court plays in the car just to laugh at me becoming a big mushball of estrogen, like “Cinderella” by Steven Curtis Chapman.  It does me in.


So now that she starts school, it’ll be 13 years before she’s out of high school, and hopefully she’ll go to college, although truth be told I’d really like her to become a hairstylist. She’s not a baby anymore, she’s a big kid.  She’s been down here twice telling me it’s now morning and she wants to go to school.

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“When Somebody Loved Me”

  1. On August 22nd, 2012 at 4:27 am Court Says:

    omg.. hairstylist… really?