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Why I hate my hair, and cut it off.


Boys just don’t understand.  Honestly.  I know boys, and not my husband, who don’t like to wear jeans, or underwear, or certain kinds of socks, refuse to shave, absolutely must shave, have long hair, shaved heads, short hair, what have you, all because whatever that thing is, they are uncomfortable.

And yet, women, their women, other women they think should dress up, should wear more or less makeup, wear high heels or not, and most of them think women should have long hair.  Today I had a lot of mine cut off.

So guys, here’s the deal…and there are probably tons of women for whom this is not a problem, or perhaps they just have a better “suck it up” mechanism than mine.  Or maybe their hair doesn’t weigh as much as mine does, did, whatever.  Long hair is HOT, not the good hot, the uncomfortable, sweaty, sticky hot.  Long hair gets caught in the wind and sticks to your lipgloss.  It is heavy, heavy, heavy.  Caren literally cut a pound of hair off my head today.  It takes a super long time to do…and if I don’t have a super long time to commit to it, I don’t do it…so most of the time I spend my day with my hair in a very unattractive messy bun on the top of my head.  On the day on the left, I put both my kids down for naps so I could spend time doing my hair for a baby shower.  I have to plan an extra hour and a half to do my hair when it’s long, and I don’t find it all that nice afterward.  I have big, thick, coarse, naturally curly hair in place where there is no humidity, so to me, it only ever looks like crap.  I hate wearing it long and straight, so again the messy bun.  And I’m not 18, or 22 or 28…I’m 38, and I’m a mom, and I want to look stylish and in this century, long hair just drags me down.  To be honest, it’s not that short…too short for the messy bun, but it’s still long-ish, and actually forces me to do it.  So, what’s the big complaint about?




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