Renewing Mercies…A Little Each Day

Starting over from scratch…sorta



In all my blogging about me aNA656tt5t45I89IUQ7H87Y56Y6FUY45 (thank you Christopher for your input) and Ava and school and such, there has been a little man ignored in the mix.  Someone is now walking like a champ and talking more and more, and desperate for Mom-meeee!’s attention.  Next week we’re hoping to get it in gear.

I didn’t plan this week well.  Ava was starting school, I still had some trainer appointments at regular time,  there’s a man coming to fix our furnace today, last night we had a back to school night to go to, a friend is moving and I want to help, my mother in law is visiting next week and the house and yard are a shambles (and apparently have a weird smell), I left the grill on overnight…  I also now wake up at 6ish, pretty consistently and without the alarm with no hope of going back to sleep.  This week was so stressful. So, so, so stressful, and Christopher got barely any attention.

One of the things I was most looking forward to in having Ava go to school was spending one-on-one time with Christopher.  As the 2nd child, I find that I don’t read to him, or play with just him or talk to him and take him places like I did with Ava when she was his age.  Even when we are all three together and out, most of my attention is still on Ava, keeping her hands from pulling every little thing off the shelf, keeping her from wandering away, losing my temper when she has a meltdown in WalMart and feeling like a crazy trailer banshee screaming and threatening to beat my kid in a store.  Christopher’s just sitting there in the cart all the while, emptying my purse into the cart or squishing the bread and generally being his good little boy self.

Busy under Mommy’s desk


This parenthood thing is hard.  Totally unglamorous and exhausting.  Disgusting too, boogers, poop, vomit, pee-pee sheets, jelly in the hair, and that’s just the expected stuff, then there’s all the unexpected, howdidtheyevermanagetogetintothat? stuff.  I was on the phone about a half hour ago and looked down to find Christopher standing in the dog water followed quickly by breaking the screen door.  Nothing using a butter knife won’t fix, but still.

I’m busy, too busy to think, and how nice to think that all these problems might be solved by simply planning my day better.  We’ll try that again next week.  Right now I have about 4 loads of laundry to do before 3PM and a smell to get rid of…oh, and keep my children alive for yet another day.  Nothing important.



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