Renewing Mercies…A Little Each Day

Starting over from scratch…sorta

Panda Shoes or Sparkle Shoes


I haven’t slept past 6:30am in weeks, but it’s starting to get worse and for a strange, and quirky reason…everyday is not a school day, but the first thing we seem to need to put on every day, is shoes.

Last year Ava had a favorite pair of shoes.  Her panda shoes.  They were cute little black mary janes with a white panda face on the toes and a little bow on each panda’s head.  They really were her favorites.  She wore them all the time, and for me, they were favorites because she could get them on herself…until she grew out of them.


Once they were too small we replaced them with her sparkle shoes.  These are really adorable, purple glittery converse that we got on sale for $3.99 or maybe $2.99 at The Children’s Place.  I love them, they go with pretty much everything.  She won’t wear socks with them.  They are now really stinky…and there’s now a hole in them…and we struggle to get them on because they are a bit small.  Enter Mimi to the rescue!  We were shopping for some school clothes for Ava at Crazy 8’s and in the search for collared shirts and skirts with shorts underneath and bottoms that were the right size, lo and behold…Panda Shoes! In her new size! Yay!


What this has revealed…that she is 100% girl…

1.  After only 3 days they are the only shoes she wants to wear

2.  She has blisters on her feet from these new shoes and refuses to take them off and insists “they don’t hurt me anymore”

3.  She shows them off to everyone…everyone

4.  She wakes me up to put on her Panda shoes…this doesn’t make me happy

We also got her a pair of navy and  white striped converse-like sneakers.  I had to put my foot down about giving her feet a break from the Panda shoes today and insisted she wear those.  They’re really cute, and of course, in true Ava fashion, she showed them off to everyone today, too.  No band-aids needed today.  They also sparked some memories of Mommy’s red Converse from high school and Doc Martens.

That’s my girl.

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