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You’ve Got A Little Somethin’ Riiiiiiighhhhttt…There


In my head, I’ve been going through early menopause since Christopher was born.  I mean, who complains about Aunt Flo going missing for 3 years?  But, you know, I was starting to get suspicious, so I went looking for her.


I went for some labs last week after my doctor assured me that menopause was unlikely.  It looked like PCOS, which I was also prepared for somewhat, I mean it’s pretty common and people talk about it on TV all the time.  I went in for an ultrasound yesterday and yes there were ovarian cysts, but not the PCOS kind.  Big ones instead.  The long and short of it is, I’m going in for surgery tomorrow.


My head is all kinds of crazy right now.  The doctor told us we could wait it out, come in again in a couple weeks, monitor the cysts and if they’re shrinking, just leave them alone, or if they’re getting bigger schedule surgery then.  But in the meantime, my ovary could roll over on itself and cause severe pain and I’d have to come in for emergency surgery.    Oh, and there’s the part where if they can’t get the cysts out cleanly I could lose the whole ovary, which hasn’t been working anyway because it’s clogged up with weirdness.


I realized last night that while I’ve had surgery (2 c-sections), those were immediate, “you’re going to the hospital now” scenarios.  I was awake during the whole thing, I didn’t have time to think about them or for my head to get filled up with “what ifs” and thank goodness there’s no Grey’s Anatomy to watch because people go in for a routine procedure and die all the time on that show.


It would be nice to find that they did a little tummy tucking while they were in there.  I mean, I’m not totally excited about the prospect of being on limited activity for a week or two and who’s going to pick up my Christopher for me.  Also, 2 weeks of no gym time, boo.  Yeah, not happy about that.


Feeling pretty gross, and pretty low, and my crazy head is making my mouth want to eat frosting and wallow.  So, I’m going to put some makeup on and go get some pre-surgery bloodwork done and then go grocery shopping so my dear sweet husband with a great bedside manner and lots of compassion towards sick mommy can feed our kids on his own for a couple of days while I need to sit still or whatever.


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“You’ve Got A Little Somethin’ Riiiiiiighhhhttt…There”

  1. On September 5th, 2012 at 3:26 am Mommy Says:

    This comes as a shock to me too! Talk about sleepless nights over your kids… even when they are 3/4 of the way across the country and 30-something ~ they still keep you awake when there’s stuff like this going on!

    Funny thing is, I had the same thing happen to me only they didn’t have the same name for it nor did they have laproscopic surgery! I was down for the count for 6 weeks ~ Lea was 22 mos. and Steven 6 months old at the time and I did not have a “dear sweet husband” to do or care, I had the “So who the _____ is going to do all the ______ ” kind (yeah I’m throwing him under the bus). However, I did have my amazing, compassionate and forever patient & loving Mommy who cared for & cooked for and catered to me and my family through it all. I am so blessed!

    As it turns out, my Mom had the same thing happen to her (just found this out last night!). Cysts being the problem ~ surgery the solution ~ this time Lea was 9 yrs old, Steven 7, me ?… I can’t remember, but I surely hope I was as helpful to my Mom as she had been to me during that time.

    Today brings a bundle of emotional wreckage… last night when you called I wanted to pack my bags & get on a plane (that is still an option) this morning to be there for you and your family. Reality: I’m still wrestling with it. My schedule tells me that I have my friend’s daughter’s Bat Mitzvah (sp?) to photograph on Saturday (not sure I could get a “free” replacement), more importantly Sam’s doctor appt this afternoon (absolutely must go to that) and my parents here visiting (they would most certainly understand & support my jumping on a plane). How much does an urgent plane ticket cost? (I need Uncle Bernie!!!)

    Girls, it is never a good idea to move away from your Mom!

    Final word: If I can’t be there I can pray you through it! It worked when Ava was born and then again for Christopher’s birth. I wasn’t already there because you continued to insist on having your babies well before I got there!!!

    I love you, my precious Daughter! You will be in the hands of the Almighty God and that gives me peace. He knows the plans He has for you… and they are all good.

    My Love,

  2. On September 15th, 2012 at 7:46 am Lea Says:

    I should have milked it and begged you to get on a plane. Stupid me.