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Starting over from scratch…sorta

Stage Fright


So tomorrow is a week Post-Op, and I’m homebound until tomorrow afternoon.  Going a bit stir-crazy I tell ya! The verdict was last week that they took the whole darned ovary.  It’s all good, I don’t actually have any plans to use it anyway, so what’s the loss of an extra part?  Turns out, if you read the thesis paper that was my mother’s comment on my last post, the loss of that left ovary runs in the family.  Not at any particular age, but 3 generations running, and at least I didn’t give up all my girl parts.

I spent the whole day at the hospital…waiting to pee.  My friend took my kids overnight, instead of just for the afternoon, because I couldn’t pee.  Horrible.  (And, not that I’m not sympathetic to my dog who I complained about in my status…I am…but she is a dog, and it’s not really pouring rain, it’s merely rainy, and because she lives in a state where it rarely rains, she’s thinking she’s the queen.  But if she effin pees on the floor when Court comes home, I’m losing my s&*t.)  Finally at 9PM they let me leave anyway, after scanning my bladder to find that there wasn’t anything in there anyway despite the 5 IVs that they pumped me with and all the water and apple juice I drank trying to force myself to go.  It didn’t work.  All it really did was make me throw up as soon as I got in the car.

A week after Christopher was born I had done a little too much and my blood pressure was not coming down and I landed myself right back in the OR, so this time, I tried to behave myself and stay put.  Court sure got a taste of what life would be like without me, or what it’s like to be me.  I’m sure it was harder on him than it was on me to stay upstairs in my room far away from my babies, to the point that I didn’t let them see me to make their lives easier.  The next day I spent mostly on the couch, in excruciating pain from…gas.  Apparently they pump you full of CO2 and it is extremely uncomfortable.  But all that was bearable and just like the doctor said, I was feeling much better by Monday.  I stopped taking the good drugs by Tuesday, finally had a normal day on Wednesday, and today (because I didn’t finish this the same day I started it) Thursday I had my follow up and I’m free to drive, do “slow” walking and taking it easy still.  I’ve got another 2 weeks before I can workout like a real person instead of a person recovering from surgery.

So, yeah, last weeks episode was totally unexpected and made my easy week super easy in some ways and incredibly not easy in others.  But I’m oh so thankful for the people who brought us delicious food I didn’t have to make, or decide what we were eating, and the people who watched our kids (one or the other or both), and the people who cut my husband some slack while he spent all his time and gasoline running all over town picking up kids and dropping them places and waiting around for me and getting me Yo Yogurt (which is awe-some, I puffy heart it and want some right now even though I’m stuffed with shrimp and roasted veggies), and I’m especially thankful for my doctor who showed me a picture of my grody cyst today and said that it was not cancerous, but it would have kept growing and growing and growing.  So stinkin’ gross.  Blech.

That is all, people, that is all.  The new season of Glee awaits me on the upstairs DVR.


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