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Vacation – All I Ever Wanted


I’ve been wanting to put thought to blog for a couple weeks…but it just seemed so inappropriate to whine about the insignificant annoyances here, while back home on the East Coast there were those without power, trapped by falling trees and swooshing waters and NICU babies and other fragile human beings needing to be carried down flights of stairs in hospitals without electricity to power their little giraffes (that’s the name of the incubator Ava was in as a newborn…for a little 411).

So anyway, here are some ramblings that are still rattling around in my brain.

Strange things seem to be breaking around here…really strange things:

  1. My dishwasher is dead…old and dead.  I am now washing dishes by hand, apparently until January.  It could be worse, my sink could be broken too (feeling part of your pain K).
  2. My garage door is acting up, to the point that I was starting to think I was going crazy.  I am not, I watched it happen…after about the 4th time of pushing the button to close the door and come out a half hour later to find it open, I stalked it.  It closes about 80% of the way….and then pops back up.  Perhaps there’s a ghost child standing in front of the laser beams?  And no, my children were not pushing buttons and playing tricks on me, they can’t reach that high, though they are pretty crafty and climb-y.  Yesterday I had to close the door and pull the cord to set it to manual and use the front door to leave the house – like a visitor!
  3. My hair dryer is dying.  It’s been fading for a couple of weeks.  It doesn’t go on and stay on.  I have to shake it.  It’s pretty pathetic, but it’s all I have so I’ve had to suck it up.  Until today, today it shot off some sparks.  There’s a short in the cord where the handle and cord meet.  Hopefully Court can fix it because I don’t have spare cash in the budget for a replacement.
  4. There was something else, but it has escaped my sieve of a brain lately.

There’s other stuff that’s been rumbling.  Why did I let Fox News trick me into hoping that Mitt Romney might actually win the election?  And, not that I would have voted for Obama anyway, but Mitt Romney was no Newt Gingrich, who (while not toting the party lines in terms of morality, etc.) had the cojones and experience in Washington to get things done.  Although, NG did burn pretty much every bridge he crossed while he was there.  Here’s hoping in the next round the GOP will rally around someone worth voting for and not just a nice guy with a great resume.  At the moment “you get what you get and you don’t get upset” isn’t working quite working for me.

I can’t wait to go on vacation…and I’m dreading packing for this trip at the same time.  Any mommies out there have “activity packet” ideas for a 4 year old and an almost 2 year old for a 17 hour road trip?  Picking stuff up off the floor will not be an easy feat and we do have a DVD player in the fancy new car, so that will be a life saver, but really, how many movies can they watch all the way to Houston?

My dog has misplaced her collar…not the expensive one that keeps her behaving like the good dog she really is, but the one that says (albeit inaccurately) where she lives.  Court noticed it was missing yesterday, I did not…chalk one up for Lea in the “not paying attention to detail” column (there’s like 35,000 check marks on that list).

I hate fighting.  For money back, for time, with my kids, with my husband, I hate fighting.  Despite the fact that I may argue a point when I know I’m right, or not being heard or the point I was trying to make get sidetracked by someone other than me.  It stresses me out, it makes me testy and irritable and raises my blood pressure and I can’t sleep.

That seems like enough rambling for today, right?  Thanks for letting me talk to grown ups, or at least people who can read.

Oh! Updated diet/workout/weight loss info…Court’s down 50 pounds now! Me, a measly 35, but I’ve hit a little wall (aka – not really journalling my food, so who’s fault is it really), but still enough to get off one of my BP meds, another 20 down and I can stop taking another.

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“Vacation – All I Ever Wanted”

  1. On November 9th, 2012 at 7:28 am Jayme Says:

    Such a good laugh. Thanks for that.