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Starting over from scratch…sorta

Happy Holidays Tooooo Yooouuuuuu


I’ve succumbed to the call of the Christmas music.  I’m officially opposed to Christmas music before Thanksgiving dinner has been in the fridge for the night, but this year I’m letting it slide, it’s only 2 days before Thanksgiving afterall. 

It helps that the first song I’ve actually noticed playing in Walmart was “Away in a Manger”…that helps a lot.  Of course, in my car we’ve heard about 16 different versions of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”…in search of the one we REALLY wanted to hear.  The one I’ve been singing all year at Ava’s many requests, and by the way whoever taught her “Pleeeeeaaaassseee, pretty please?” isn’t my favorite person right now.  The Bruce Springsteen version is the only one that counts.  The others just pale in comparison.

We’re compiling a Christmastime list on Spotify…my favorite app, I mean, Pandora really just blows.  I don’t want a playlist based on the song that’s stuck in my head, I want to hear the song stuck in my head…and then the next one and the one that I can’t quite remember the name of, and the one that makes me think of High School — starting to regret not going to the reunion this weekend, oh well.

Since I didn’t want to repeat myself, the end of this is still true, if not a few years old  feel free to get sidetracked.

Holiday season is always a little hard for me.  I’m used to a big family around.  I’m used to noise and chaos and helping hands and a couch full of nappers comatose as a result of tryptophan and too much pie.  Doing a whole holiday meal for just me and Court (our kids still barely eat), is lonely and boring.  A huge messy kitchen and tons of plates and bowls and silverware to clean for just us four, does not a happy holiday make for me.  We did have plans that fell through due to extenuating circumstances, but we’ll still be just the four of us for Thanksgiving and that makes me sad.  The good of it is that I don’t need to make 5 kinds of pie and potatoes and sweet potatoes and turnip and squash and dressing and stuffing and…  The healthiness of the meal can still be worked in, even if we are deep frying the turkey (how can you argue with 45 minutes to cook a bird?).

We are supposed to be making our own traditions.  I don’t really like making our own traditions if it involves me being alone in the kitchen and shooing my kids out.  Maybe someday it will be “this is what we do” instead of “I guess this is what we’ll do”.  But, I do like putting the tree up on the day after Thanksgiving, I might wait until next week and put it up with my mom because she’ll be visiting.  Maybe I can get her to put the extra lights on too.

Speaking of lights, anyone know someone local that puts up Christmas lights on houses?  I’ve looked into those companies that put lights up, but it’s like $300…what the? What?

Oh, and I’m now down officially 45 pounds, so eating turkey and mashed potatoes and possibly pie is a lot less appealing than most years, but whatever.

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