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Happy Happy Birthday Baby


Wow, so long since the last post…so much in my head.  First, to give props to the funniest blog that I’ve read (that wasn’t my own)….this is hysterical, if you don’t mind the swearing  (babysideburns).  OMG, I’m crying laughing at pretty much every entry.

So we’ve been working on some colds in this house.  Scratchy throat, whiny, coughing kind of colds.  Sick kids are exhausting…and for some strange reason, I’m the only one that’s tired out.  They’ve been running around like maniacs.  Maniacs who neither listen, nor obey…ever.

My sweetie pie Christopher turns the big 2 tomorrow!

Cuddle bug on Day 1

Sweet little man with the best “muuuuuaaaahhhh” kisses and twinkle in his eye.  I fear that he may be trading some of that sweetness for 2 year old naughtiness though.  He’s kind of turning into a stinker.  Some of you may have witnessed his temper tantrum a couple of weeks ago, I posted it on Facebook, it’s really funny.  Anyway, I made his birthday cake and the frosting for it and I have a pasta dish to cook tomorrow for the tiny party.  But my boy is 2!!! It’s so exciting!

I’m starting to feel empathetic for him and the tricky timing of his birthday.  12 days before Christmas?  He’s probably going to get shafted in the present department every year.  In fact, this year his present is used!  I bought it months ago from a friend.  It’s a Tonka road map rug/carpet, and a bunch of cars.  I think I paid $15 for it all, and the farm he plays with every day in his room.  I’m so excited for him to use it.  He’s going to love it.  The problem, so will Ava…to the point where he may not be able to use his rug at all.

Oh well…happy birthday to my little man!  There’s this boy, who stole my heart…he calls me “Mom”


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