Renewing Mercies…A Little Each Day

Starting over from scratch…sorta



As promised in my New Year’s Resolution post, I will now post pictures, likely accompanied by some complaining, possibly little to no swearing (I’m in a weird mood).  Just to update, I have swept the floor more often.  I petted the dog today.  I do not have chipping finger or toenail polish on…and we have yet to run out of paper towels and it is now April.  This is not an April Fools joke, it’s all the truth.

So, I will now post some pictures of what the basement looked like BEFORE.  It was ugly and dated and very very 80s.  My apologies to my gay readers should there be more than the one I know of, but…I used to call it the Gay Bar.  Mostly because it looked like the only gay bar I was ever in, I think I went in there once in the 90’s, maybe it’s just what I imagine the inside of that bar looked like, based on the outside…in any event.


Okay, so it just looks like a mess, but had you seen the whole thing, perhaps you’d agree.

Last time I shared the drippy mess of the flood…here’s more…



Here’s what the rest of the house and yard looked like during the clean-up



Here’s Phase 2 – Studs (not those kind)


And, here’s what it looks like now, with new walls and such…


Well, actually, that was a couple of days ago…here’s what it looks like tonight.  Apparently there’s one more day of drywall, and then hopefully some tile can go in and my washer & dryer can go back to their homes and I can use them again.  Sigh…  Anyway, last pics.

Latest developments…drywall is up, finished & primed with the texture that runs rampant in places influenced by California.  The tile has been laid and grouted in the hallway, laundry area and new bathroom.  I’ll take & post pictures tomorrow when I can walk on the tile.  Paint has been selected and purchased and will be applied in the next day or so, snowstorm pending, and hardwood and carpet to be installed this week.  Almost done with the basement! Yay!  I think they start demo-ing the kitchen next week.  Just a couple of more weeks and we’re all done!  Woo Hoo!


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