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5/3/13 …We’re nearing the home stretch folks.  The basement is 99.5% completed and the kitchen is 65% completed.  And they look AWESOME…so freakin’ awesome I can’t stand it.  I just want to stand around and look at the prettiness amidst the unfinishedness and dream of how pretty it really is, and forget how expensive it is becoming.

We’ve finally moved most of everything back into the basement.

5/22/13…This feels like the longest month EV-ER…We aren’t quite as stressed as people on TV who end up renovating are, but we’re pretty stressed.  This morning I looked around the kitchen, with its spaces for cabinets that had been the wrong size, or damaged, or not quite right for whatever reason and have tossed us into limbo and thought…you know, I should probably take a picture of this.  I didn’t.  Oh well.

At the beginning of this journey of quasi-kitchenlessness we had plastic tarps up over the archway between the living room and the dining room and also at the other doorway from the living room to the hall; all of our kitchen contents were boxed up and stacked in the living room corners, and we were eating off the dining room table shoved into the living room with our stove and refrigerator.  We had a couple of days with our dining room in the right spot, but then we got new carpet and we had to empty the living room.  We had some cabinets installed and the refrigerator in its new spot, but no countertops or kitchen sink…so I’ve been prepping meals for the microwave, grill or stove on a makeshift counter made of plywood.  It is what it is.  Washing dishes in the bathroom sink is kind of comical.  Some of my bigger pans that I’ve always complained didn’t fit in the kitchen sink (and prompted my request for one giant stainless sink instead of two basins in the kitchen) have no problem fitting in the new sink in the bathroom.  There’s just not quite enough counter space.

I am weary of all this.  I want to be able to move freely from one room to another without climbing over furniture or having to turn around and go the long way.  But the end is in sight!  Next week? I hope, the countertops and the backsplash will be installed and we will be finished!  Well, except for the light fixtures, and painting, but that’s our task.  You know who else is weary of this, besides my husband and children, our contractor…what a big job this turned into.  Who knew we were going to be such pests and make so many changes or have such requests.  It looks AMAZING though, and I am so very thankful.  God truly has blessed us, with this friend and this gift of making our home our own.  Until now it’s really felt like a rental, someone else’s home that we just had our stuff in.  So here’s some new pictures…not what it looks like at the moment, since there’s work going on right now, but what it looked like until this morning.  (I pretty much screw up picture placement in this on a regular basis, so if it’s kooky – uh, sorry)



OK, well this is how it looked yesterday before I cleaned

OK, well this is how it looked yesterday before I cleaned



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