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What’s The Matter With Job?


There’s tons of stuff milling around in my mind.  Nearly, a year after the Waldo Canyon Fire, here we are in the midst of the Black Forest fire.  Several friends are in mandatory evacuation areas, even more in pre-evacuation or voluntary evacuation zones.  There’s a haze of smoke every day.  The news is focused on the fire 24/7 and you really can’t help but pay attention to what’s going on.  Aircraft transporting water and slurry overhead to aid the fight.  FB status updates from those who have moved to other areas of town or left town saying that they are safe and asking what the latest is if they’re not getting the information for which they’re so desperate.  Water, gatorade, snacks, food, housing, whatever, all being offered up…anything to help…and watching watching watching those critical lines in the sand (highways) hoping that the fire does not breach, does not pass, does not move on into the city, because if it does, the devastation would be overwhelming to say the least.

I wanted to offer comfort to our friends and neighbors.  So often the first thoughts can be, “Why is God doing this?” and “Where is your God now?”

The following is one of my favorite stories from childhood.  It popped into my head this morning and I thought I’d share.


One day old Satan raised his head.
“I’d like a conference, God,” he said.
“I saw Your buddy, Job,” he smiled.
“I’d like to talk of him a while.
Job is a good guy, I declare;
I’ve been to town and seen him there.
Job does his business fair and square.
He’s kind to people everywhere.”

“But if You let me try and see, I’ll make Job bow and worship me.
I’d like a contest with this man.  I’ve got a splendid, clever plan.
I’ll bet if I put out my hand, took all his money, power and land;
I bet if I could use my touch, Job wouldn’t love you half as much.”

The voice of God rang loud and clear,
“Try all you want; I have no fear, for Job’s as true as he can be.
He won’t choose you instead of Me.”

The King of Evil sneered that day,
then raised his hand and took away
all that Job could call his own,
his horse, his clothes, his fancy home.

Job, Job, poor old man,
Lost your house and food and land
Job, Job in ragged coat
Gone your cattle, sheep and goats

But Job was not the least upset
His faith in God grew stronger yet.
“I love the Lord,” folks heard him say.
Job praised the Lord then knelt to pray

So Satan shook his evil head.
“I must do more,” he softly said.
“I’ll give him fever, chills and pain.
He will not pray to God again.”

Job, Job, feeling low,
Pain in your body from head to toe,
Job, Job, poor old thing,
With sores that itch, and bleed and sting.

Still Job was not the least upset.
His love for God grew stronger yet.
“I love you, Lord,” they heard him say.
Then on his knees Job knelt to pray.

Well, Satan gave an angry groan.
“I will not let this man alone
until he curses God and dies.
I’ve got to give it one more try.”

Three friends of Job’s soon came to call,
To scold and shame him one and all
They sat and argued all day long
About what Job had done so wrong.

Job, Job, sick and sad,
Your friends all say you must be bad.
Job, Job, what did you do
To make the Lord so mad at you?

Still Job refused to be upset.
His love for God grew stronger yet.
“I trust the Lord,” was all he’d say
As poor old Job knelt down to pray.

Job, Job, you passed the test!
You loved the Lord and loved Him best.
Now Satan’s really in a fix;
He’s used up all his dirty tricks!

A whirlwind rose and shook the clouds.
The voice of God spoke thunder loud.
With Job God came to have a talk.
The King of Evil took a walk.

Job, Job, happy man!
God gave back all your wealth and land.
Job, Job, brave and true,
The Lord is very proud of you.

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“What’s The Matter With Job?”

  1. On June 14th, 2013 at 5:46 pm GramMarie Says:

    I love this! I needed to hear it again ~ as my own trials rage, this is the truth that comforts. No matter what, God is faithful. This land is not our home, this stuff is not important. Although it does hurt to lose our things and is heartbreaking to lose our loved ones, God is faithful and walks with us through the “fire”. We can trust Him and know that He is God and His purposes are for our ultimate good. Heaven awaits.