Renewing Mercies…A Little Each Day

Starting over from scratch…sorta

Water Park – 2014


What I could talk about is how many super fun and kid friendly water parks and play areas are in Colorado Springs, but I won’t…because we keep having one in my house!

On June 3rd we had planned to just turn in our extra car, take the loss and pay off a smaller amount of debt, however, as the saying goes, “we make plans and God laughs.”  Hopefully he’s not laughing, and I’m pretty sure Christopher wasn’t laughing when he flooded the master bathroom by filling up the sink while brushing his teeth ALL ALONE and not turning the water out and creating “a water park”.  Five weeks later we are just now starting construction to put said bathroom back in order and deal with the damage to the powder room on the first floor (warped hardwood).

Therefore, I will take this moment to strongly urge you all to have adequate homeowners insurance…and use it!  Last year the water in the house was no fault of our own, but this year it was my little Dennis the Menace and homeowner’s insurance still covered the bill, thanks be to God!  15 to 20 minutes of me not paying attention to my son caused about $8,500.00 worth of damage to our house — so not cool.

All this to say, God works in mysterious ways.  The master bathroom will be upgraded, the powder room will be renovated and my terrible paint job will be rectified by someone who knows how, and whenever we decide that this is no longer our forever home, somebody’s getting some fancy new bathrooms.

Now all we need is a landscaper – because that backyard is truly a frightful sight.

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