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How Do You Measure a Month?


This is a tough one to write.  So much information to cram into what I hope will not put you to sleep.  Under no advisement, I have determined that I will bullet point now and elaborate in future blogs.  Hold on tight, ’cause here we gooooooo!

Rest assured, there is neither rhyme nor reason to the following:

1. On Monday it will be a month since our family moved as a whole to Katy, Texas.  I still feel as if we are staying in a hotel, a hotel with a kitchen, and all our crap, but a hotel nonetheless.

2. Christopher turns 4 tomorrow…4?  How can that possibly be? He’s the smallest 4 year old I’ve ever seen, with the exception of possibly Webster.  Also, do not plan a Buzz Lightyear birthday for your son this year, Buzz Lightyear is the hardest toy to find, and not because he’s sold out, but because they don’t seem to carry him at stores in Texas.

3. Ava rides the school bus.  The transition to a new school has been harder for her than I’d imagined.  She’s rallying and doing better each day – except today, today there was a temper tantrum or two…she also poked around all morning and missed the bus…so there was that.

4. I get lost, pretty much all the time.  Well, 100% of the time if I don’t use the GPS unless I’ve gone to the library or the train park.  Then I can find my way home.  Today I ended up at the worst Walmart ever because I didn’t use the GPS and ended up 12 miles from my home instead of 3 miles from my home.  That being said, I did actually find a Buzz Lightyear action figure there and managed to shop for it while Christopher was with me and still dupe him into thinking we weren’t buying it.  I gots mad skillz.

5. I am all kinds of messed up by the new time zone.  One hour earlier than Eastern, one hour later than Mountain, at some point I’m going to call Caren at 5AM and she’s never going to talk to me again.

 6. We had our house on the market for 21 days and it sold for what we were hoping to sell it for and closed on the house 7 days after we left town.  From the amount of equity that the home gained in the 3 years we owned it, to the number of showings we had, to quickness of the sale and the smoothness of the transaction, none of this was us, all of it was the hand of God.  There are homes in the neighborhood we left that have been on the market for twice as long, if not longer.  

7. We are in an apartment that overlooks the land that we have chosen to build on.  I get to watch it grow.  It’s so exciting…and so grand.  It doesn’t seem as if this would really be our home, but it will be…with Friday night lights glowing in the background.  What a crazy ride!

8.  As we approach the 12 days between Christopher’s birthday and Christ’s, I hope that the Christmas season overwhelms us.  We have been so blessed this year, so lavished upon.  We do not deserve the favor that we have encountered.  One Sunday (I couldn’t tell you the date) the kids and I went to New Life alone, since Court was already in Texas, and it was the Sunday that Banner by Desperation Band was released.  Court and I had discussed finances with every evening phone call and the battle for vision and faith weighed heavily on me.  My very natural outlook is that “it will all work out”, his is to have a Plan A, B, C…N, O, P, Q…  All I could see was peace in our decision to go and what had already transpired with our home to make it sellable.  I was so tired from having worried conversations and defending our decision.  God hadn’t put roadblocks in the way, he was making it easier with each fork in the road.  That morning during worship, 2 songs broke me and reminded me who He was for me.  On The Throne  and Make a Way.  I won’t overwhelm this with the full lyrics of each, but in On The Throne  “I will walk in the promise, walk in your victory, I will walk in the power, I won’t be overcome…For the Lord is, He is able, He is faithful, higher than the mountains that I face, Every season, I will press on, for God alone, is on the throne” (Of course I was singing it as every season, I will praise God – oops!).  Then, in Make A Way  “Where this is no way You make a way, Where no one else can reach us You find us”  This wasn’t our plan, it had been a desire of our heart, but not a plan.  We loved our home, it was us, what we had wanted and hoped for that space.  We had friends, lots of them, I was in Ministry again, we were growing a business, this was taking our eyes off that to deal with the necessity of getting things packed and purged, but it was His plan, His idea, and he is making a way.  Right now it is exciting but uncomfortable.  We have paid off tons of debt, still living frugally, but beginning to breathe deep gulps of the fresh air of freedom.  It’s so exciting to see what He has in store for us, because this all is already “exceedingly, abundantly, beyond all that we could ask or even think” Ephesians 3:20.  Thank God for that, my imagination is quite limited as it turns out.

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