Renewing Mercies…A Little Each Day

Starting over from scratch…sorta

And A Happy New Year


I love the phrase “Have a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.”  I think of all the things I loved about my last job in Connecticut, it was the salutations given to people by my bosses during the month of January (or so it seemed), welcoming in the New Year with such well wishes and pleasantness.  These were my favorite greetings.

I also love Ephesians 3:20-21 which says “Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.”  What a glorious year we have had.  So many of the things that we have been blessed with this year are so far beyond what I could have asked for or imagined, and while some are in fact glorious to anyone who would look at where we are today; there are quite a few things that I didn’t even realize I would like to accomplish this year that kind of blow my mind.  They are, by the way, in no particular order.

1. Christopher no longer snores like a 400 pound man.  It terrified me at the time, but my poor baby hadn’t had a good night sleep in all his 3 years of life until he had his tonsils and adenoids removed in April.  He’s still a peanut but he’s grown so much and actually wakes up before 8AM! Last year at Thanksgiving he slept until 1PM, and he wasn’t sick.

2. Kept my house perfectly clean for more than 30 days at once.  Granted that was done by filling my basement with boxes, purging tons of stuff and giving it away to random people and selling stuff, but I did it, and I fear my children will write Mommy Dearest memoirs about me in the future.

3. Ended up in Ministry again, for a short time, though I am now missing those deep true friendship, I love knowing that some friendships last through thick and thin, time and distance.

4. Wrote a song parody and posted the video on the internet.

5. Went to California for the first time, our first trip without the kids.

6. Got to put my feet in the sand for the first time in six years.

7. Worked out a lot..worked up to some running.  Dropped the ball and haven’t run anywhere except to run some errands since October.  Really missing my OTF people!

8. Found a drop off daycare here in Texas! Adventure Kids…my kids are going to love it!

9. Released my control and let Ava go by herself to a Big Kid Birthday Party at The North Pole in Colorado.

10.  Had a fully potty trained BOY, way before he turned 4! (Not that this was easy or without poop drama, or a stain free carpet)

11. Got to spend an amazing weekend at Glen Eyrie Castle with the bestest of besties (minus one)

12. Chopped off all my hair and keep doing the blondish thing in the front.

13. Spent a couple of weekends away with Caren & kids — since we didn’t get to camp this summer.

14. Had 2 kids in school…for a couple of months anyway…and I’m more than happy to have Christopher home with me for another year.

15. Send my daughter to school on the school bus every day.  Major blessing on the days that Court needs the car.

16. After spending seven and a half years in Colorado, moved to Texas.  Sold our house in less than 30 days, and are in the process of building one, and watching it go up by the day!

17. Renovated the master bathroom and the powder room 2 months prior to listing the house in Colorado.

18. Hosted a pretty fantastic Frozen themed 6th birthday party in April.  Couldn’t bear to take the decorations down right away, so I left them up for a month (0r 2).

19. Took my kids to visit chicks and ducks at the farm store…did not buy any chicks and ducks, but was on the verge.

20. Bought and still wear skinny jeans.

21. Painted and drank wine.

22. Fell in love with Frozen

23. Sang lots of songs, and loved that my kids like to watch musicals on TV and then want to sing along in the car.

24. Started to be comfortable with me at 40.

25. Found that dreams are often bigger than what we can imagine, and have found so many checked off the bucket list this year.

26. Survived the tension of a  flooded home, the humbling loss of an extra car, and was gripped by the fear of the unknown when my husband was in an accident while riding his motorcycle within the span of 2 days.  All was temporary, all is well, and blessings arose from the ashes for all three.

In 2015, I have no lofty goals, but to stay the course, open my eyes to daily blessings, possibly shut my mouth a little more often, and keep it shut lots more often. Positivity attracts positive things, negativity attracts negative things.  Simple, right?  Now to kickstart my year with some great nutrition, some deep and restful sleep and the sound of fireworks in the background.  Be blessed, beyond what you could ask for or even imagine, for He is able!

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