Renewing Mercies…A Little Each Day

Starting over from scratch…sorta

To Do List


I don’t like the term “Bucket List”, I’d hope that I can get some of this stuff before I have run out of time and while they may be things I want to do, they aren’t things I have to do before I kick the bucket.

These are simply things that I’ve been thinking about that I’d like to do.

1. Learn to sew.  Not that I want to become a seamstress, or replace Ava’s wardrobe with fabulous creations of my own design; it would be nice to be able to sew some curtains, and cover some throw pillows with fun fabrics.  Make a duvet, that kind of stuff.  Right now my sewing capabilities extend to include sewing buttons on things, repairing the occasional seam, and using staples or Fabri-Tac.

2. Crochet or knit or both.  It just seems like a more productive use of my time than playing Pet Rescue (Or Candy Saga) or one of those incredible time suckers.

3. Ride a bike.  Bike riding in the gym is a fairly easy thing to do, you just sit there and pedal, there’s no balance involved.  One reason I don’t have a bike at the moment, Court has his opinion about what bike I should have and I have a different opinion.  Is it so bad that I want a cruiser bike with pedal brakes and not a multi-speed mountain bike…I mean, we ain’t got no mountains here anyway.

4. Run.  Inside, outside…probably not outside.  I was really looking forward to doing the Couch to 5K app on my phone and using the treadmills in the workout room in the apartment clubhouse, but they flat out suck and make me more than a little nervous even walking on them.

5. Apply a Ratatouille mindset to meals.  “If you are what you eat, then I only want to eat the good stuff.”  We’ve been pretty lazy about nutrition for the last month…bad idea.  Court has the flu, ’nuff said.

There’s more than five I’m sure, but I need a shower and to leave the house.  My kids have been stuck inside for days and we need to break free and get some sillies out.  By the way, except for number 5, I will accomplish none of these things today!  Happy New Year Y’all!

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