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Mama Grizzly Bites The Principal


I got a little pissy at Ava’s principal this morning…Here is my rant. I will of course edit it before I send the actual one, but this is my rough draft.  Names “adjusted” to protect the innocent and keep me from getting sued.

Dear Ms. Meanie Lazy Principal,
Thank you for the letter concerning Ava’s school progress which we received in the mail yesterday.
As I am sure you are aware, Ava is a first grade student who transferred from Colorado mid first quarter grading period and requires Special Education intervention for Reading, Math, Language and Occupational Therapy.  In addition, I am sure you are aware that we have had several conversations with Ms. First Grade Teacher, Ms. SPED Teacher, your Vice Principal, and Special Education Staff at length.  These have included Parent/Teacher conversations, ARD Planning Meetings, ARD Team Meetings to discuss goals and actions for Ava through February of 2016.

While I appreciate that Ava may have to repeat first grade or have an extended school year because it is the best choice for her; I do not appreciate receiving a form letter (with an inserted scanned signature) arriving in the mail, requiring my signature as if this is new information to me.  We are “working as a team” for this “common goal” to give our child “every opportunity” and if the opportunity means that she gets to try again with first grade and have time to mature and catch up and relieve some of the pressure from her transition into a new school, with new (not very nice) friends, new requirements, and a new support team, while constantly being behind due to her struggles, then so be it.

I am hopeful that there were not many of these letters on your desk to have drafted.  I am hopeful that the few that were sent were for students who were simply missing the mark or truly needed their parents to have attention drawn to their child’s struggles.  Rest assured, that is not the case in our home.  We are willing to bend over backward to lift Ava up and help her reach her goals.  Petty though it may be, I do not appreciate that you did not take the time to actually sign this letter than you expect me to sign.
Maybe I have too high a set of expectations from the school Ava attended in Colorado.  Maybe I shouldn’t be concerned that this is my first interaction with you, that we have never met, that it seems your staff has you sequestered, and that you are unapproachable; instead of being the kind of principal that parents are familiar with, that is accessible and seen throughout the day roaming the halls, or maybe we have just missed each other when I am there.  It is a shame that we have not yet met, and my husband and I would be happy to meet with you and hear your input at your convenience, of course.
I appreciate your time and look forward to speaking with you soon.
(GRRRR Bitch) Sincerely ,
Lea Newman
(my phone number which does not need to be on the internet)


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