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All I Ever Wanted To Be Was A Wife


Our anniversary week always makes me sentimental and a little sappy.

In 2007, I was a super sappy bride to be…and quite eloquent, not gonna lie.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Hello My Love,

This is it…the home stretch.  February 2007, in 23 days we will be married.  I’m really excited!

I mean, there is part of me that feels a little panicky, but mostly about what needs to be done.  But everything else in me simply wants to be your wife.  I wanted so badly to be able to be there for you today…and yesterday, too…you’ve had such a rough week.  I can’t do anything to help.
I’ve decided to send you this book for Valentine’s Day, but really it’s your wedding gift.  Ideally I would give this to you the night before our wedding and you would read the whole thing that night.  But see, now I know you.  You need more time to read this, perhaps, I mean I can always be wrong.  But FACT, you are spending the night before our wedding in a room with Paul and Dave and likely won’t wish to read it with an audience.  And, I really wanted to give you a great Valentine’s gift, and so here it is.  You hold my heart in your hands.  I don’t know how you did it, or why you’re the one, but you are my one and only.  You are the only one who truly “gets” me…even if you don’t a lot of the time.  If nothing else, I am compelled to try harder and push through because of you.  I love who I am in your eyes.  I believe she is someone that only you know.  I’d like to someday feel comfortable in her skin.  She’s breathtaking and I’m just me.  You are truly the man I have prayed for and cried for and waited for all these years.

February 25th may end up being my favorite day.  The first day of many in which I get to wake up in your arms and face the days together.  I am so excited to be your wife.

I adore you, my groom.

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