Renewing Mercies…A Little Each Day

Starting over from scratch…sorta



Here lies the random thoughts of Lea that need to get out through my fingers and not through my mouth.  8 years and counting, this blog has taken me from a bride-to-be to newlywed to new mama to post partum trainwreck back to new mama another post partum disaster to dependent and dependable friend and finally Texas import.  Seven years with my husband Court and this is the ride.

I’m a stay at home mom of a vivacious and rambunctious first grade girl who strongly resembles “Junie B. Jones”, and a future mountain climbing preschool boy who is all hugs and kisses and is every inch the definition of “BOY (n): noise with dirt on it” Just as I start to get the hang of this “wife” thing, we stuff ourselves into a 800 square foot apartment while we build a house in 6 months or less and start a business introducing people to the most unique and superior nutrition on the planet.  I’ve got a full plate of samplings from this strange new menu.  After all those years of wanting and waiting to have my dream job of being a wife and mommy…well, here we are, no turning back now.  Most of the time…thank God no one’s around to witness the mess I’m making!

- Lea

The Newmans 2012

The Newmans 2012

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